Eurovision 1979 representative of Spain (descent from Peru) Betty Missiego spoke to local website for the Eurovision Song Contest and the fate of Spain in it. “Spain sends to Eurovision very good singers but very bad songs” she said!

The artist, who has spent a few days in Velez-Malaga (Malaga) to mark the beginning of her farewell tour in this county, explained to the press that it’s a shame that great singers don’t have the suitable help from great composers.

Betty Missiego – who ranked 2nd in 1979 – said that back then they knew how to find a song with a message, not to dramatic but appealing to people, mostly through the melody like in 1968 and 1969 by Massiel and Salome respectively.

The singer enjoyed her concert in Malaga and said that she loves Spain because she found there the love of her life (her husband). She lives in Spain since 1968 and she obtained dual nationality in 1972.