Time to have a check in the polls and bets. First we check the progress in the betting odds and we avoid to give poll predictions (yet) as most of them are voted by very small number of voters often easily to manipulate.

UPDATE 18.05.2013 – 18:00 CET
With Europrediction 2013 declaring Denmark and Azerbaijan as the possible winners of Eurovision 2013 we have the last look on the polls and bets for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest edition. Regarding the website polls we have the following predictions: Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands Denmark, San Marino, Spain ft. eurovisionbelgium: Denmark, Netherlands, Germany Azerbaijan, Romania, Denmark Netherlands, Denmark, Malta
ogaegreece: Denmark, Cyprus, Norway
esckaz reporting escstats ft. escnation: Denmark, Norway, San Marino’s forum: Denmark, Norway, Ukraine San Marino, Denmark, Ukraine Denmark, Azerbaijan, Georgia

In last few years bookies have always had good prognosis. Will it be this year also, we will just have to wait untill midnight tonight, when we will know the winner of 58th Eurovision Song Contest. Of course the smallest odd is on the Denmark – 1.5, while Norway is second with four times bigger odd than Denmark’s. Then in top five we have Russia, Azerbaijan and Italy with odds between 10 and 25, but Italy’s rates by some bookies are going over 30. Then we have Greece and the Netherlands. Their rates are going from 26 up to 50. Just few days ago Anouk was third, so we can say that this is the biggest fall, while Georgia is currently ninth and few days ago, Sopho and Nodi wasn’t in top ten.

Their current odds are simmilar to Greek and Dutch ones. So they with Greek representatives have the biggest rise in the odds, what can also be said for Finland, as Krista, probably with her kiss, has managed to come on tenth position with the odds arround 50. And on the bottom 5 we have France, Armenia, Lithuania, Spain and Estonia, meaning that if some of these countries win, that can be declared as 8th world wonder, because their odds are going from 250 up to 1000.

UPDATE 16.05.2013
Time to check the predictions for the second semifinal. First we notify you that Europrediction 2013 results will be announced at 18:00 CET. Now let’s see what the betting odds say about the second semifinal: Norway, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Greece, San Marino, Malta, Finland, Israel, Armenia, Romania to the final. In the first semifinal the bookies predicted 7/10 (as most fan sites did as well) but it was who got 8/10 in Europrediction. Regarding the final: Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan are now considered the hot favourites for the trophy.

UPDATE 14.05.2013
Tonight the first semifinal tooks place. We are bringing you the latest from the betting odds. As oddscheckers rates are showing the most certain qualifiers tonight are Denmark and Russia. Right behind them is Ukraine with a less than a decimal difference. Serbia, Moldova and the Netherlands are up next as their rates are going between 1,1 and 1,2. Following their steps is Ireland as the rates are going over 1,2. Then we have Croatia and Belarus with their really close and almost equal rates that are going from 1,25 untill 1,4. As the last qualifier, oddshecker sees Estonia. Estonia’s rates are going arround 2, just a little under and just a little over. But there we could see some surprises as Montenegro and Austria are really close to eachother, but also more closer to Estonia. A high jump is noticable for the last for countries as their rate are over 3. The biggest surprise of the evening would be Slovenia’s qualification as the rates are 4 and up. Anyway to summary this, if we are sticking to these odds the list of qualifires would be as it follows : 1) Denmark 2) Russia 3) Ukraina 4) Serbia 5) Moldova 6) the Netherlands 7) Ireland 8) Croatia 9) Belarus 10) Estonia. Europrediction 2013 results for semifinal (online voting and oikotimes jury voting) to be announced at 18:00 CET.

UPDATE 12.05.2013
The semifinal participating countries concluded their rehearsals and after two rounds of preparations we have big changes in the betting odds. Denmark and Ukraine remain the two hot favourites but Azerbaijan and Italy climbed big time coming 5th anf 6th respectively. San Marino and Greece dropped some positions and according to the odds Latvia, Albania and FYR Macedonia don’t stand a chance to enter the finals. In Europrediction 2013 almost 16,000 unique votes are in and for the first semifinal it seems that things turn out well for Denmark, Ukraine and the Netherlands while for the second one it’s a bright day for Malta, Norway and Azerbaijan. In the press center voting Denmark, Russia and Ireland lead the voting while the top three in the second one are: Norway, Azerbaijan and Greece. To remember though that Denmark won the OGAE International voting.

UPDATE 05.05.2013
Things are about to start in Malmoe and we have the last update before the rehearsals. It is clear that Denmark and Ukraine are the bookies favourites according to the oddschecker website. In the meantime Russia, Denmark and Norway are doing very well in the iTunes charts. No change in YouTube counter as Italy, Germany and Belarus lead the views. In Europrediction 13,000 unique voters predict Denmark and Malta as the winners of each of the semifinals. In the betting odds Azerbaijan goes 12th from 10th and San Marino enters again the top ten. Finally the OGAE international voting with 35 clubs already casting their votes predict Denmark and San Marino to top the Eurovision scoreboard this year (!).

UPDATE 28.04.2013
We have some interesting data for you while updating the betting odds and predictions for the Eurovision Song Contest. We start with the Europrediction 2013. More than 11,500 unique votes and Denmark with Malta lead the semifinals respectively. In the betting odds Denmark and Ukraine remain the bookies favourites with Ireland climbing 1 spot and Belarus falling to 15th position. In the OGAE International voting 17 countries give Denmarka and San Marino the tickets to the final. In the YouTube counter Italy, Germany and Belarus have the most views on the web. In the iTunes the best success so far has made by Italy, Russia and Denmark entering the most European charts.

UPDATE 24.04.2013
Less than 3 weeks for the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and the betting odds start to change drastically. Denmark remains though the top favourite but Ukraine is now second in the prediction making Norway drop a place. San Marino drops as well while Georgia and Sweden remain steady in the top ten. Slight rise for Greece to spot 13th and Azerbaijan steady in 10th position. When it comes to Europrediction 2013 we have managed to get in 8 days more than 10,200 votes where Denmark and Malta lead the two semifinals. In OGAE International voting, 17 countries already gave their votes: Denmark, San Marino and Norway lead the fan voting.

UPDATE 16.04.2013
We start our report with the betting odds. Denmark remains the hot favourite this period as well and Emmelie de Forest must b really stressed about it. What we see in the polls is the rise of Ukraine as third favourite while Norway and Sweden remain unchanged. We also notice small drop for the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, San Marino and Belarus while Georgia seems to rise up quite enough. Reargind the OGAE international voting we have six countries casting their votings and the current top five include: Denmark, San Marino, Italy, Germany and Norway. In the meantime just launched the Europrediction 2013 edition for which you can vote here.

UPDATE 27.03.2013
Since our first report on the betting odds few things changed as now all countries selected and presented their entries. Denmark and Norway remain in the lead as Eurovision 2013 potential winners but Netherlands, Georgia, Germany and Belarus entered the top ten. Remarkably and for the first time Azerbaijan is currently in 11th position. It’s also worth to notice that the UK entry by Bonnie Tyler is not even in the top ten of the predictions regarding the winner!

UPDATE 03.02.2013
The excitement begins in the field of betting odds online. The first book-makers office presented it’s odds for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and according to the Danish booking office Denmark is the first favourite of the year with Emmelie de Forest to win this year. The top five of potential winners for Eurovision 2013 includes Denmark of course, Azerbaijan and Greece who seem to have big support although no song selected yet, followed by host country Sweden and Serbia. The interesting thing is that from the top five countries, only one has selected it’s entry: Denmark.


  1. It’s terrible that Sweden thinks that the Lithuanian singer has no chance whatsoever. They are all great singers and it’s only the first round. Good Luck to all singers.

  2. Ukraine is the best this year!……only 12 points!
    Amazing song & perfomance, cute lady with great vocals!
    Brilliant!!! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The both Eurotrushy tunes!!! Globaluxzation is killing Eurovision… It used to be good but now its all about wannabes “dejá ecuté” tunes. My personal top 5 are: Chyprus, Italy, San Marino, France and my own country Spain. This top 5 contains: Identity, sophistication,quality, passion and repect to their own vernacular language!!!

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