The finalists of the hit reality show “The Voice” in Serbia have confirmed they have submitted a song for the upcoming Beosong national selection.

“The Voice” final was aired on Sunday when Mirna Radulović beat Nevena Božović and Sara Jovanović to win 100.000 euros and a chance to record an album. Although Nevena Božović, who competed in the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, was the audience favourite, the decision of who wins went down to judges.

One of the writers of Serbia’s winning entry “Molitva”, Saša Milošević (who is also a judge on “The Voice”) has composed the song for the trio while famous lyricists Marina Tucaković has written the text to the song. Milošević says the song is fast paced and interesting.

However, the trio will have to be selected in the top 15 out of the 80 entries submitted to RTS in order take part in the semi final on March 2.