MAJA ODZAKLIJEVSKAAfter days of speculation, news headlines and gossips, we finally have the name of the last Beosong contestant. And guess what, it’s the same name as it was in the start. We will first remind you that she herself withdrew, and recommended Nenad Cvijetic as a replacement. Then the author said that that he has called several singers to try to sing the song in the studio. And than there was a news that Željko Samardžić will be the replacement. Maja Odžaklijevska will participate after all. She will sing Nikola Burovac’s song Andjeo sa neba ( An angel from the heaven ).

Serbian press is reporting, Maja Odžaklijevska has decided not to compete in coming competion. Maja said that she is ill and that she has some problems with her vocal cords.She was suppose to perform song Andjeo sa nebe (An angel from heaven), but now, according to the rules, RTS and the author of the song, Nikola Burovac can select another singer to replace her. The agreement is that a new hopeful on Serbian scene, Nenad Cvijetić, will take Maja’s place. Nenad was also Maja’s proposal, because she is thrriled with his vocal capabilities.

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