• Paul Toseland 4 years ago

    You have a real attitude problem

  • Spyros Maliadis 4 years ago

    Foti, I’m sorry but your way of writing in this one is totally off-putting. You’re meant to report the facts and point out what went wrong but in a respectable manner. You’re talking about lack of quality and professionalism and you’re using phrases like “fat old cow!” and “I care less if you agree”. Professionalism should come from both ends and also please have more respect for the people that read your website. Completely disappointed with the way you covered this…

    • Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece) 4 years ago

      you are taking EUROVISION too serious dear and you are taking OIKOTIMES even more serious! you really need to smile in your life and add lots of tones of humour – greets for oiko!