COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – This year the postcards that introduce the songs and artists all have in common that the artists will make their flag in a creative way to show themselves and their country to the viewers all over the world. The host country Denmark has made their postcard for Basim and it will contain paint, furniture and the Danish word “hygge”.

Basim uses a van, some old furniture and paint to create his version of the Danish flag and the theme is “hygge” with a twist. The postcard is filmed on the Eurovision Island “Refshaleøen”, where the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in one month.

Basim and his back-up singers had fun doing the shoot and they wanted to show that Danes are known for “hygge” which means being cozy and having fun together with people you care about – often with some snacks. You will see more Danish “hygge” and much more when Eurovision comes to Denmark very soon!