• Inés Pérez 5 years ago

    Finally the hourglass runs out of time and like every year, we’re less than 24 hours to start the biggest night of the year in Europe. There’s a clear favorite (Denmark) but the night invites us to think that maybe the surprise reign to the astonishment of all and some favorites (Ukraine Azerbaijan Norway) give the stroke. I’d like to propose to you a quick and original way to review the 10 favorites songs to win. As for more than five years I dump all my passion for this event in a video that I offer you love to enjoy it and you may comment on your own chosen. Good luck to all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr5WRGqfOFA

  • Mcpriest (@Mcpriest21) 5 years ago

    Rome, Athens and Paris are beautiful during May…