Huge crowds had gathered at Eurovision Village at Gustav Adolfs Torg in central Malmรถ, too see all the big five countries perform with their entries during Wednesday. Artists from Germany, Spain, Italy, France performed two songs each. Bonnie Tyler from United Kingdom choosed to only do one song – her Eurovision entry Belive in Me.

Spectators at Eurovision village were not convinced about the Bristish star singing capabilities and some blogs and eyewitnesses reports that her performance was really not that good, however some people that Bonnie Tyler did a great performance. So it seems that United Kingdoms entry divides people this year.

Germany made great success amongst the crowds. This has a lot to do with the song that has become popular in Sweden, but also due to the fact that Germany choosed to give away some promomaterial and also handed out German flags to everybody. Making Big Five day at Eurovision Village A glorious German success story!