The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 is full of gossip and has the guts to bring them to you. We have the latest complaints from various delegation regarding the organization this year.

Russian rehearsal and stage presentation raised some questions as we never saw (unless we don’t remember well) the organizers to enter the stage during the performance of Dina Garipova and giving them two balls to through them to the audience. My question is: if there were needed 5 backing vocalists to ask to change clothes during the performance would they get that assistance?

United Kingdom shocked everyone. The end of the performance included a lift of the catwalk something used for the interval acts but not from any other partipating country. We spoke to at last 17 of them and no one knew this feature as SVT didn’t mention it in their stage technical details and availabilities reports.

Besides the fans and media represenatives shouting out the mess withe bad WiFi connection the first days (as it seems to be haven restored) the technical problems are a lot and personally there are more technical problems than any other year we attended the event. Talking to some of the accrediated members of the press center they were saying that Dusseldorf’s press conet was the last well organized. At least this year there is free tap water and coffee / tea (including sugar).

The press center organization has also many problems. One of them is the checkin point. They only have one checking point creating a mass waiting line especially in the morning hours when the work begins. Imagine the following example:on the very first day of the press conference opening, EBU and SVT had a very important press conference at 11 am and the press center with one check point for media / press members to go through!

To be fair though we have to admit that all people involved in the organization including the precious volunteers are more than kind and helpful for every single bitchy personality (like ours). Also the shuttle busses are always on time and they assisting everyone with extra stops if necessary especially in the night hours. Also the coffee tastes amazing here!

There seems to be also something weird. Member of the Georgian team is a member of the Eurovision 2013 organization for SVT. Although we still invistigate things isn’t there a conflict of interests here?

The last thing to add is that many delegations are bitching to various sites and blogs when something not positiveis posted. We inform them that we are not here to suck them up but we are here to present the entries based on our taste and thoughts about qualifying to the final or winning the contest. They better stop messing around and open a dictionary in the word “cencorship”. They know very well who they are and we consider them warned!



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