BONNIE TYLERThe Romanian Eurovision team had, on Saturday, the second rehearsal for the semifinal of May 16th. Cezar and his colleagues climbed again on the stage of Malmö Arena, after the regular backstage preparations. The sound, the filming angles and all the details of the show were once again checked, so that Cezar’s performance in the contest to be perfect. The rehearsal was followed by a press conference, during which Cezar spoke about his expectations from this contest, as well as about his career as countertenor.

“The rehearsal went well, but I’m waiting impatiently the moment when I sing in front of the 10.000 people in the audience. I bet it will be even better then, because every time I see the public impressed by my songs, I feel that I live for the people who listen to me. Not once, it happened to me to cry while singing…” Cezar confessed at the press conference. He also said that, though he is a fan of the big music contests – like Eurovision or San Remo festival – he would have never thought of participating; but, from the moment when the composer Cristian Faur contacted him and entrusted him the song It’s My Life, it all became a big challenge that the artist takes very seriously.

Bonnie Tyler was also amazed by Cezar’s voice. The Romanian television TVR team interviewed her on Saturday and she declared that, since she cannot vote for herself, she will give her vote to Cezar. She also asked the Romanians to believe in her this year, at Eurovision. Part of the interview that Bonnie Tyler offered the TVR team can be watched in a later edition of Drumul spre Malmö (The Way to Malmö), on TVR International, at 23.00 (Romanian hour). The program is also available online, on
In the evening, the Romanian delegation accepted Belarusians’ invitation at the party at Euroclub. Cezar, whose controversy made him really popular among Eurovision fans, had a great time dancing, taking pictures and talking to the people at the party.

Cezar will enter the Eurovision Song Contest’s second semifinal, on the 17th position, with the song “It’s My Life”, music and lyrics by Cristian Faur.