Yesterday at 9:00 PM, armenian representatives performed at the Amager Bio Hall in Copenhagen. The atmosphere was warm and friendly. The hall was not that crowded but a good amount of locals, mostly from the armenian community living in the Danish capital, kept the energy and enjoyed all performances.

Dorians is an amazing group and they showed it yesterday to the audience at the Amager Bio. The concert was a very good sample of Gor Sujyan’s vocal skills. Our representatives at this year’s ESC were powerful on stage and they made really solid perfomances in every song they played.

As it was announced, special guests made their appearances. Krista & The Ding Dong girls from Finland shined on stage. PeR, the Latvian guys, played a few songs before their entry “Here we go”. After the “Finnolatvian” storm came a calm, a powerful calm would I say performed by the Georgian duo.

The last part of the concert was to delight the public with Yes Kulam and Lonely Planet.

The Russian delegation couldn’t take part in the concert due to problems to find a transport to Copenhagen. The other delegations that attended the event came to the Danish capital by their own or helped by their local embassies.