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Montenegro 2016: Highway Trio to Stockholm

PODGORICA, MONTENEGRO – Highway Trio are the 2016 participants of Montenegro in the Stockholm Eurovision Song Contest edition as RTCG officially now confirms. The trio is formed by Luka Vojvodić, Petar Tošić and Marko Pešić. Therefore the country seems to have reached a deal with EBU over the voting problem occurred in Vienna and confirms participation in Stockholm. The trio is the eighth representative of Montenegro and they were chosen by a four member committee. Boys shot their ... | read the full story here

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Serbia 2015: Lena Stamenković to Sofia

BELGRADE, SERΒIA – Serbian national broadcaster has just published the news that 11 years old Lena Stamenković will represent the country at upcoming Junior Eurovision in Bulgarian capital, Sofia. The song is called Lenina pesma (Lena’s song) an it is written by Leontina Vukomanović, who colaborated with many Eurostars and also wrote the lyrics for Lane moje & Ceo Svet je moj. Lena wrote the lyrics toghether with Leontina, while Dušan Alagić was in charge of the ... | read the full story here

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Dino Merlin announce concert in Izmir, Turkey

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Dino Merlin is one of the most popular artists from former Yugoslavia. He represented Bosnia & Herzegovina twice, both times achieving a top 10 score. He was on tour across Europe, he went to the United States and Canada and every single gig was sold out. Now he has scheduled a concert in Izmir in Turkey that will be held on Şirinyer Pazarı in just two weeks from today. And after four years he will come back to Belgrade Arena, which is now known ... | read the full story here

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Bojana Stamenov & Maja Nikolić enter the …. farm

BELGRADE, SERBIA – The sixth season of widely popular reality show The Farm has just started in Serbia and it will be aired all over Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. Twenty-five contestants from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria and even the United States entered the show and will fight for the prize of 50.000 euros. You must ask yourself why are we reporting about this. Well there are two local Eurostars who will compete. First one is none other than this ... | read the full story here

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Emilija Kokić urges Croatia to return in Eurovision Song Contest

ZAGREB, CROATIA – Emilija Kokić was the lead singer of group Riva that represented Yugoslavia back in 1989 and won the contest with the song Rock me. Couple days ago she gave an interview in one of the biggest Croatian newspaper. She talked about her new song Iznenadjenje (Surprise), partially penned by Boris Djurdjevic, who is also behind Croatian entry in 2011. She participated with song at the Croatian Music Channel Festival and it is totally 90s style, just like her Eurovision entry. ... | read the full story here

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Video: Marija Serifovic – Pametna i Luda

BELGRADE, SERBIA – Serbian Eurostars are in full swing. First Jelena Tomašević released a new album. Yesterday Željko Joksimović held a press conference for release of his new album, first one after six years, and for now it will be available via his official app that can be downloaded on Appstore and Google Play. Also Marija Šerifović, who won in 2007 on Serbia’s debut, has just uploaded a new song on her YouTube channel. The song is called Pametna i Luda (Smart & Crazy) ... | read the full story here

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Video / Željko Joksimović – Ranjena Zver (Wounded beast)

BELGRADE, SERBIA – Željko Joksimović performed twice at Eurovision, representing Serbia & Montenegro and Serbia in 2004 & 2012 respectively and twice as a composer of Hari Mata Hari’s Lejla in 2006 and Jelena Tomašević’s Oro in 2008. He also served as a judge in first two seasons of X Factor Adria for Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, FYR Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. On Sunday night it was the big finale of the second season and he opened the show with his ... | read the full story here

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Could Jovan Aleksić represent Montenegro in Sofia?

PODGORICA, MONTENEGRO – Jovan Aleksić is a 12 years old boy from Podgorica, capital of Montenegro. He is participating in the show Pinkove Zvezdice, that airs in Serbia, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. He made it up to very end of the competition thanks to his vocal and stage performances. Last Friday he sang Il Volo’s Grande Amore and again got all the sympathies from the jury. Also, a week before this he performed Knez’s Adio and amazed everyone in ... | read the full story here

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New releases by Serebro, Clemmens, Emina, Edurne, Tijana, Softengine, Tamar

EUROPE – In just couple days summer will officially start. That means its time for new releases. First up we have Serebro, the girl band that brought a respectful third place to Russia in 2007. Their new song is called Pereputala (Mix up) and of course it is in a very sexy mood as well the video. Clemens participated in this years Slovenian national final with Mava To. His new single is Vse Bo Kul (Everything will be cool. Its not a shaky song, but an emotional one. Even though most of ... | read the full story here

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Listen / Saška Janković – Batman

BELGRADE, SERBIA – Saška Janković who was one of Bojana’s Backing vocals in Vienna has just released a new single this morning. The song is called Batman and it is a quite unique song, not something that people would expect here, but anyway it’s lyrics are amazing. Saška first participated in Serbian national selection in 2009 with Nauči me (Teach me), Beosong 2013 and was also backing vocalist in 2010 and 2011, for Milan Stanković and Nina. You can listen to ... | read the full story here

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