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Greece 2017: Morten reviews the three songs; what’s your favourite?

GREECE – ERT annouced the date of the national final, being the 6th of March, with presenters the journalist Elena Bouzala and the actor-commedian Antonis Loudaros. In February 28, 2017 the titles of the songs were announced. Τhe representative of Cyprus, Hovig and the representative of Moldova, SunStroke Project will be the guests of the night, singing the Cypriot entry “Gravity” and the Moldovan entry “Hey, Mamma!” respectively. Ιnitially, ERT announced that ... | read the full story here

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Sweden 2017: Melodifestivalen’s Roger Pontare speaks to

SWEDEN – Fred Roger Pontare (born Roger Johansson; 17 October 1951, Arjeplog Municipality, Sweden) is a Swedish musician. He currently lives in Vingåker, Södermanland County. He represented Sweden twice in the Eurovision Song Contest, in 1994 (duet with Marie Bergman) with “Stjärnorna” and in 2000 with “When Spirits Are Calling My Name”, placing 13th and 7th, respectively. Roger Pontare is father to Viktor and Vincent Pontare. He is one of the male singers of ... | read the full story here

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Sweden 2017: Melodifestivalen’s Mariette speaks to

SWEDEN – Mariette Petra Carola Hansson, sometimes credited as MaryJet or simply Mariette, is a Swedish singer and songwriter. Hansson participated in Sikta mot stjärnorna (Swedish pre-selection for European Soundmix Show) in 1999 imitating singer Amanda Marshall. She is perhaps best known for participating in Idol 2009 which was broadcast in TV4. A year later, Hansson was announced as “homo of the year” at the QX Gaygala in Stockholm. In 2013 she played guitar in Magnus ... | read the full story here

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Sweden 2017: Melodifestivalen’s Allyawan speaks to

SWEDEN – Most known recently from the TV4 programme Lyckliga Gatan, though Allyawan has been releasing down-tempo hip-hop music in Swedish for most of the decade. He’s co-written his song with one of the most iconic names on the Swedish hip-hop scene – Masse Salazar. And both will surely be calling upon their armies of followers to vote. If said followers are going to be watching Melodifestivalen, that ... | read the full story here

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Sweden 2017: Melodifestivalen’s Lisa Ajax speaks to

SWEDEN – Lisa Kristina Ajax (born 13 August 1998 in Järfälla, Sweden), is a Swedish singer, and winner of Idol 2014. On 28 November 2014, she made it to the Idol finals inside the Stockholm Globe Arena. Her recording of the song “Love Run Free” reached the 48th position at Itunes during its first week at chart. On 5 December 2014, she won the Idol finals ahead of runner-up Mollie Lindén. She also participated at Lilla Melodifestivalen 2012 with the song “Allt som jag ... | read the full story here

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Sweden 2017: Melodifestivalen’s Benjamin Ingrosso speaks to

SWEDEN – He won Lilla Melodifestivalen in 2006 with “Hej Sofia” where he was presented as Benjamin Wahlgren-Ingrosso or just Benjamin. Together with Sanna Martinez-Matz and Made he represented Sweden in MGP Nordic in 2006. In January 2007, he released the single “Jag är en astronaut” (meaning I am an astronaut) which had been recorded earlier by Linus Wahlgren recorded in 1985. Benjamin also won Let’s Dance 2014. Returning to music as Benjamin Ingrosso, in ... | read the full story here

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Sweden 2017: Melodifestivalen’s Dismissed speak to

SWEDEN – One of the most exciting songwriting teams in the contest this year – the former frontman of The Ark teams up with the gent who co-wrote most of Darin’s last album. And together they contribute a song to a relatively new rock band, who are already gaining notoriety for their memorable live shows, and striking visuals. Live shows…visuals… they’re picked the right outlet to showcase themselves here ... | read the full story here

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Carola apologises for the ticket-gate story

SWEDEN – It’s been 34 years since Carola last took the metro in Stockholm. In November Swedish Eurovision winner Carola had to take the metro during a snow storm in Stockholm. But she didn’t pay for a ticket! Everything was caught in a video as she was during a live video on Facebook when she entered the station. Just before Christmas she made an apology by paying for the ticket. In a Facebook video she goes to the ticket office saying that she would like to pay her debt and bought a ... | read the full story here

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