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Danish fans in the jury, massive interest for volunteers in Ukraine and Petra Mede on TV

DENMARK – When Denmark selects its Eurovision entry on February 25th it will be with help from five Danish Eurovision fans. They will have 50 % of the vote in both the first and second round of the contest. Usually the jury are people from the music industry but this year all five members will be people who love Eurovision. Jan Lundme from DR says that they have chosen fans to be the jury this year because they have a huge knowledge about the contest and they really care about sending the ... | read the full story here

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Slovenia 2017: Amaya (aka Maja Keuc, 2011) withdraws from EMA

SLOVENIA – Slovenia’s 2011 Eurovision Song Contest representative who was to compete in the country’s national selection this year under the name Amaya has withdrawn from the show. In a statement to Slovenian broadcaster RTV SLO, the singer said, “I was very pleased about appearing in EMA. I would have appreciated getting home, but everything happens for a reason and this path is not the only one. Following recent events, my agents and I have opted for a different ... | read the full story here

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The latest from Australia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova

AUSTRALIA – With confirmed presence in Eurovision 2017, the Australian state SBS has not yet decided the country’s participation in the children’s version of the competition. The decision of the participation Australia in the Junior Eurovision will only be made in the second half of 2017. BELARUS – On 20 January will be held the final of the National Belarusian qualifying round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Representative of Belarus will be determined during the ... | read the full story here

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The latest from Moldova, Norway and Portugal

PORTUGAL – Portuguese broadcaster RTP will remove the orchestra from its national selection, Festival da Canção, this year with all songs to be performed with pre-recorded backing tracks. This is in contrast to the previous, 2015 edition, of the national selection. Furthermore, artists will no longer have to perform in Portuguese. Festival da Canção will take place over three nights, with two semi finals to be held on February 19 and 26 respectively and the final on March 5. Four ... | read the full story here

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The Sunday Telegram includes updates from Sebalter, Michele Perniola and UMK

SWITZERLAND – The Swiss representative at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, Sebalter, recently spoke of a spontaneous concert he held in the Swiss mountainside. During a hike, the singer saw a mother and her son sitting, neither of which recognised him. He broke into song for the six-year-old. Later on, the boy’s mother wrote to Sebalter, thanking him for the chance encounter and noting that her son took up guitar lessons as a result of the impromptu concert. Sebalter said he had ... | read the full story here

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Polish band Ich Troje (2003) in search of new lead singer

POLAND – The lead singer of the Polish three-member pop band Ich Troje, which represented the country at the 2003 and 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, has left the group. The band has had several of its band members change over the years. Marta Milan is the latest to have departed, while another six lead female singers have preceded her. Despite the frequent changes to its line-up, Ich Troje has been extremely successful in Poland and neighbouring countries, with a number of its albums going ... | read the full story here

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Israel 2017: Rising Star kicks off on January 2nd

ISRAEL – Israel will begin search for its 2017 Eurovision Song Contest representative on January 2 through the talent show “Rising Star”. All shows are being pre-recorded with exception to the final. “Rising Star” will only determine the Israeli artist being sent to Kiev, as the song will be chosen at a later time. Both the public and a team of four expert judges comprised of Harel Skaat (ESC 2010), Keren Peles, Asaf Amdurski and Static & Ben-El Tavori, will ... | read the full story here

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Sad news for the Bosnia & Herzegovina – EBU relations

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – The EBU has imposed a penalty onto Bosnia and Herzegovina’s BHRT following debts accumulated by the broadcaster. Initially, the EBU extended a deadline for BHRT to repay part of its debt owed for the broadcast of the UEFA EURO 2016 championships, however, the broadcaster failed to meet the new deadline as well. Due to its financial troubles, the Bosnian network has decided not to compete at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev in 2017. BHRT relies ... | read the full story here

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EBU urges Ukraine to lift the the “black list”

SWITZERLAND – The EBU has urged Ukraine to guarantee entry to all Russian artists for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. It comes after Ukraine compiled a blacklist of Russian singers which are banned from entering the country since they pose a “threat to national security”. In a statement, the EBU said, “We are holding the talks with Kyiv for all blacklisted Russians to be able to come and stay in the country during the Eurovision weeks. Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will ... | read the full story here

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Emin extends career and collaborations with Eurostars

AZERBAIJAN – The Azerbaijani born singer-songwriter Emin, who performed during the interval act at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, will perform with American music legend David Foster. The concert will be aired across the United States in New York (WLIW TV) on December 2 and Miami (WPBT TV) on December 3. Emin is attempting to become the first Russian language singer to make it big in the US music industry and recently released a new album entitled “Love Is A Deadly ... | read the full story here

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