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Albania 2017: Lindita Halimi visits Montenegro

ALBANIA – The Albanian representative at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Lindita, is currently in Montenegro promoting her entry “World”. Speaking to broadcaster RTCG, the Albanian singer says she hopes the audience will understand the message of her song. “I hope they unite, even if it is just for five minutes while I perform”. Her song speaks about equality, universal love and acceptance. Lindita also said she has made good friends with all the representatives ... | read the full story here

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Ukraine 2017: O’Torvald to perform in a charity concert

UKRAINE – The Ukrainian representatives at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, the O’Torvald band, will be performing at a charity concert in Kyiv this weekend in support of military personnel injured during battle who will be taking part in the sporting Invictus Games in Toronto this year. The line-up of Ukraine’s team will be announced during the concert. O’Torvald will be joined by other Eurostars, including Zlata Ognevich, Ukraine’s 2013 Eurovision ... | read the full story here

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Dino Merlin receives City of Sarajevo Award

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – The representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 1999 and 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, Dino Merlin, is the recipient of this year’s City of Sarajevo Award, which is given to prominent individuals on the anniversary marking the city’s liberation after World War II. Dino Merlin was the recipient of the award in the field of culture and art. “Dino Merlin has made an enormous contribution to the development of culture in the last three decades ... | read the full story here

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San Marino openly against Ukraine’s decision on Russia

SAN MARINO – San Marino has criticised Ukraine’s decision to ban Russian representative Yulia Samoylova from performibg in Kiev. Carlo Romeo, the head of San Marino RTV, said, “We disapprove this decision by Ukraine. We do not care if it’s a conspiracy or a Russian provocation, the Eurovision Song Contest should be a neutral ground”. Apart from Ukraine and Russia, San Marino is the only country to have commented on the row. It is still unknown wheather Russia will take ... | read the full story here

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Jamala gets her own tulip!

UKRAINE – A tulip in golden, orange and red tones has been named after the 2016 Eurovision winner Jamala at the start of the Ukraine Flower Expo in Kiev. The flower was specially created for the singer by Dutch tulip cultivator and exporter StoKolex. The singer shared her gratitude for having a flower named after her on her Facebook ... | read the full story here

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France 2017: French Secretary of State André Gallini doesn’t like English lyrics

FRANCE – The French Secretary of State André Vallini has expressed his dismay that the country’s 2017 Eurovision entry, “Requiem”, performed by Alma, will feature some English lyrics. In a tweet, Mr Vallini said the world is faced with a globalisation of English. He noted that defending the French language means defending France but also cultural diversity. The Head of the French delegation, Edoardo Grassi, retorted with “Whether we like it or not, we have emerged ... | read the full story here

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The Sunday Eurovision Telegram: accusations in Croatia and more new video clips

Tony Cetinski attacks Jacques Houdek The Croatian representative at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, Tony Cetinski, has launched a scathing attack his country’s representative Jacques Houdek at this year’s contest, accusing the singer of plagiarism. Cetinski, said “My Friend” is based on his interpretation of the song “Caruso”. “Jacques is an exceptional vocalist who carefully listened to my performance of “Caruso” and picked up that shock ... | read the full story here

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Italy 2017: Francesco Gabbani introduces us his gorilla man

ITALY – The Italian representative at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Francesco Gabbani, is stacking up as an early favourite to win the competition with his song “Occidentali’s Karma”. In addition to being fresh and fun, the song notably features a gorilla in its choreography. Filippo Ranaldi has been revealed as the man in the gorilla suit seen during the Sanremo performance. With all the buzz, Filippo has launched a Monkeygrapher challenge where fans are asked to ... | read the full story here

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Jamala in Slovenia, Alma and Kasia Moś in Ukraine

SLOVENIA – Two national finals are taking place in the next two days with several Eurostars set to perform. In Slovenia, the 2016 Eurovision winner Jamala will sing her winning “1944” entry during the interval of the national selection EMA on Friday. The show will feature eight singers who will battle it out for a ticket to Kiev. UKRAINE – Meanwhile, in the host nation Ukraine, both the French and Polish representatives will be taking part in the show by performing ... | read the full story here

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Croatia 2017: song title for Jacques Houdek revealed

CROATIA – Croatian representative at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Jacques Houdek, will represent his country with the song entitled “My friend”. In a statement the singer said, “Like with all of my songs, I want to share the feeling of togetherness, friendship and the celebration of diversity through my Eurovision entry as well”. Croatian broadcaster HRT has launched a social media campaign titled #beMyfriend in order to promote the song. “We are ... | read the full story here

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