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    Elena Gheorghe, the Romanian representative in Eurovision 2009, has just released a video for her new single entitled “Ecou” (Echo). The song is composed by Laurentiu Duta, who also produced Elena’s Eurovision entry, and it features Glance, a rapper who had the Romanian Autmn Hit in 2012, “Trumpet lights” feat. Ami.

    “I believe that everyone of us has lived at least a part from the story of the song and will find itself in it. The song it’s really cool, the fresh sound, the lyrics, Glance’s flow…. I’m really happy that I released this song in Romanian language as I really missed that” said Elena Gheorghe. You can view the band new video of “Ecou” below:

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    AZERBAIJAN FLAGThe 8th Heat of Millim Secim Turu, the Azeri National Selection for Eurovision 2013, took place and the two qualifiers are Valeriya Huseynzade and Aysel Babayeva. As this was the last Heat, we now know the complete line-up for the Final:

    Vuqar Muradov
    Revane Eliyeva
    Fereh Hadiyeva
    Leyla Qafari
    Ferid Memmedov
    Nigar Huseynova
    Vlada Axundova
    Leyla Eliyeva
    Valeriya Huseynzade
    Aysel Babayeva

    The Final is scheduled for March 14th. You can watch Valeriya’s and Aysel’s performance below:
    Aysel Babyeva – Molitva
    Valeriya Huseynzade – Shady lady

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    MOLDOVA 2013 ESC O MELODIE PENTRU EUROPADenis Latasev decided to withdraw from the Moldovan National Selection so, as TRM decided not to replace him, only 23 songs will participate in the Semifinals scheduled on 12 and 14 March. You can view the line-up for the semifinals below:


    Diana Staver – Underestimated
    Vitalie Maciunschi – I want you back
    Cristina V & Glam Girls – Celebrate
    Doinita Gherman – Planeta e un rai
    Stela Botan – Inima mea
    Vitalie Negruta – You’ll be mine
    Aliona Moon – A million
    Ruslan Taranu – Amadeus
    Boris Covali – Runaways
    Felicia Dunaf – Codename Felice
    Svetlana Bogdanova – Conquer my heart

    Tatiana Heghea – A brighter day
    Aurel Chirtoaca – Iarta-ma
    Inaya – I need you now
    Ana Gulko – Somebody else
    Valeria Pasa – Show me your feelings
    NiCo (Nicoleta Gavrilita) – Freaky thong
    Irina Tarasiuk – Dancing hearts
    FireLove – Just smile
    Irina Kitoroaga – L.O.V.E. Love
    Cristina Scarlat – I pray
    Alexandru Sendrea – In my head
    Cristina Croitoru & Karizma – Never fall again

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    BIRGIT OIGEMEELThe 2013 edition of Eesti Laul took place on Saturday, Estonians picking Birgit Oigemeel and her song “Et uus saaks alguse” to represent them in Malmoe. The complete televoting results where revealed by the Estonian national broadcaster and you can see them below:

    Birgit Oigemeel -Et uus saaks alguse (9,730 televotes) (9 jury points) = 17 points
    Grete Paia – Paastke noored hinged (12,292 televotes) (6 jury points) = 16 points
    Winny Puhh – Meiecundimees uks Korsakov laks eile Latti (9,800 televotes) (7 jury points) =16 points
    KOrsikud – Suuda oelda ei (4,964 televotes) (10 jury points) = 16 points
    Liisi Koikson and Söörömöö – Üle vee (2,593 televotes) (8 jury points) = 10 points
    Pohja-Tallinn – Meil On Aega Veel (5,957 televotes) (2 jury points) = 9 points
    Rasmus Randvee & Facelift Deer – Dance (4,062 televotes) (5 jury points) = 9 points
    Elina Born – Enough (4,935 televotes) (3 jury points) = 8 points
    Rolf Roosalu – With U (3,973 televotes) (4 jury points) = 7 points
    Teele, Tuuli, ULA & DrumAttack – Ring The Alarm (2,005 televotes) (1 jury point) = 2 points

    Birgit Oigemeel – Et uus saaks alguse (30,333 televotes)
    Grete Paia – Paastke noored hinged (29,014 televotes)

    You can find the complete results for the Semifinals here

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      poor winny puhh….they should have stirred eurovision up…..

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    ELITSA TODOROVA & STOYAN YANKOULOVBulgarian viewers and jury decide tonight the song with which Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

    The show is starting with a musical moment from a group.

    Our host for the evening is Dragomir Draganov.

    A new cover for “Euphoria” by the Bulgarian representative in Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011, Ivan Ivanov.

    They are showing a footage from Eurovision 2007, with interviews with Elitsa & Stoyan and their moment on stage singing “Water”.

    The jury of the evening is introduced to us.

    01. Dzupai Libe Boso (feat Skiller & Jahmmi)
    Only the four artists on stage. Stoyan is with his drum. This is definetly a combination of RnB and traditional Bulgarian music. The rap part fits the song perfectly. Elitsa’s vocals on this are really good. She is wearing a traditional red-white outfit.

    A lot of Bulgarian artists are sending their support for Elitsa and Stoyan, among them we can see Yohanna from Deep Zone.

    02. Kismet
    The second song of the evening is presented now! They are accompanied on stage by two backing singers and a man with a bagpipe. I must say the bagpipe part is the best part of the song. Elitsa’s vocals are great on this entry.

    Another footage of support messages is shown, among them is Sofi Marinova (Eurovision 2012).

    03. Samo Shampioni
    The last song of the evening. Again we have the bagpipe man on stage. Good staging on this one, drum sticks fighting betwen Elitsa and Stoyan. Elitsa nailed the high notes, simply amazing.

    The televoting lines are now open!

    An interval act from Vacali Group is now presented.

    Another interval act now, with DJ Bimbo and a female singer.

    The televoting lines are now closed!

    The jury winner is…. “Samo Shampioni”!

    The Swiss representatives in Eurovision 2013, Heilsarmee, are presenting their entry “You and me”.

    The Greek representatives, Koza Mostra and Agathonas Yakovidis, sent their support message for Elitsa and Stoyan and a snippest of their entry “Alcohol is free” was aired.

    Now, Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2011) is singing her Eurovision entry “Na inat”.

    The televoters have chosen “Kismet”.

    And the song that will represent Bulgaria in Eurovision 2013 is “Kismet”!

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      I actually like this song, it has grown on me. It’s ethnic, it’s fun and it’s visual. One of my favorites entries along with Denmark and Cyprus.

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      hehehe….Fotis, you are not the one!!!! What do you think… “gainta*” will give points to Bulgaria from Greece?

      • typical music instrument of Thrace
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      In my opinion unfortunately the worst Bulgarian entry for years. Voda was great, but this one?… 0 points from central and northern europe for sure.

    • Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Greece 20:20 on March 3, 2013 8:20 pm Permalink

      is it me only that I don’t like any of the songs tonight?

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    HUNGARY 2013 ESC A DAL GENERICIn Hungary, A Dal 2013 seems to be a must to see event this Saturday. Tune in on the official Eurovision web TV stream at 20:15 CET and find out who will get the ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. There are at least five acts favourite to win this national final!

    The hosts, Gabor and Eva opened the show! The jury is the same as in the preliminary heats and the Semifinals, with Csaba Walko (Compact Disco), Magdi Ruzsa (Eurovision 2007), Viktor Rakonczai (Eurovision 1997), Jeno Csiszar (Radio anchor) and Philip Rakay (programme director).

    01. Tamas Vastag – Holnaptol
    Tamas is starting on a bench. He is wearing a dark classy suit and is accompanied by four backing singers. The ballad is ok and his vocals are really good. Good performance overall.

    02. Ildikó Keresztes – Nem akarok tobbe jatszani
    A good ballad now with some electronic influences, two backing singers, a piano and two violins. The vocal performance is absolutely perfect. Great performance!

    03. András Kallay-Saunders – My baby
    The staging is just like in the Semifinals with the hearts in the background, four backing singers and a violin. The vocal performance is really good but the song is forgetable, a bit retro.

    04. Gigi Radics – Ugy faj
    The big favourite of the evening! Gigi is wearing a fantastic black dress. I also like the background with trees and birds. The vocal performance is perfect and it fits well with this modern ballad. Now some Green Room reactions are taken!

    05. Gergo Racz – Csak allj mellem
    A good ballad this one. Gergo is more casualy dressed. He is accompanied by four backing singers. The vocal performance is ok.

    06. Szilvi Agardi & Denes Pal – Sziveddel lass
    The duo is singing a great ballad. They are both dressed in white. This could be a dark horse. Probably the best performance after Gigi.

    07. Laura Cserpes – Elj pont ugy
    An amazing ballad! I think this edition of A Dal must be the best NF for great ballads. Laura is wearing an angelic white dress and so are the girls in the backing. The white smoke gives it a Eurovision feeling.

    08. ByeAlex – Kedvesem
    This sounds a bit gimmick or is it just the staging? They only have one backing singer. The performance is quite good but the staging and the song are just bland.

    Again, Green Room reactions are taken! The four qualifiers from the jury to the Superfinal are:
    Andras Kallay-Saunders – 46
    Gigi Radics – 44
    Tamas Vastag – 22
    ByeAlex – 16

    The televoting lines are now open. You can vote from any country sending an SMS to +36 30 80 80 888 containing the ID of the song you want to vote for:
    Tamas Vastag: 17
    Andras Kallay-Saunders: 20
    Gigi Radics: 29
    ByeAlex: 18

    Now we have an interesting Interval Act. Csaba Walko together with MR Szimfonikusok are singing a symphonic version of “Sound of our hearts”, the Hungarian entry for Eurovision 2012. A video message from Loreen was just showed! Anti Fitness Club is performing a rock version of “Euphoria”. Really interesting moment!

    ByeAlex will represent Hungary in Eurovision 2013 with “Kedvesem”. Really shocking result!

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      The best song was Hungary so people voting may be Both dumb and deaf

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    LORDILordi, the group that won Eurovision 2006 for Finland, is curently promoting their new album “To beast or not to beast” on Finnish TV. When asked about Eurovision 2013 and Krista Siegfrids, Mr. Lordi replied: “It was my favourite of all the candidates. It is a great show, she is a great girl and the whole package is there. It has as good a chance to do well as any other song”.

    Regarding the controversy of the lyrics, Mr. Lordi seems to think that it’s a good thing: “We had our own controversies in 2006, he says, and they were only a help for us in the end. Don’t you worry, girl!”. He also gave some advices to Krista Siegfrids: “Keep yourself pretty, and be noticed. It is ultimately a TV show, and the secret to success is not to get lost in the mass”.

    About their Eurovision experience, Mr. Lordi stated: “We as a band are really positive about the whole experience. We would have needed at least five years of hard work and loads of luck to get the same exposure. But unfortunately actually winning the whole thing was too much for some people, and we are always going to be scorned by some for that reason. We only went for it for the publicity – we were about to release our third album and thought that taking part in the Finnish final would give nice promotion. Never, ever did we think we could actually win the Finnish national selection”.

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    HINDHind, the Dutch representative in Eurovision 2008, has released a brand new single and video entitled “Make it count”. This is Hind’s first release in three years, since her single “Stay” released in 2010. For this new single, Hind worked with the Dutch producer Tease and the song has alo been remixed by DJ Leroy Styles.

    “As with everything I do, I want, just like any other artist probably, the right balance between my own sound and character and the vision of the producer. Especially when making choices to combine certain trends and instruments. I’ve done my utmost to find the perfect combination. For “Make it count” I spent a lot of time in the studio experimenting a lot. The result is a song which has a contemporary, fresh sound featuring a solo with the classical Arabic instrument, the Ud.

    That mix is kind of my trademark sound, as a musician” declared Hind. You can watch the video for “Make it count” below:

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    Patricia Kaas, the French representative in Eurovision 2009, has released a brand new video for her single “Avec ce soleil” wich is part of her show “Kaas Chante Piaf”, a tribute to the famous French singer Edith Piaf, a tour that is very succesful in France and worldwide.

    Patricia Kaas will perform on the stage of the prestigious Olympia music hall in Paris up to Saturday evening before carrying on with her tour in France and abroad, all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. The singer is promoting a lot her tribute album on TV and on the radio, and the formula proves extremely successful.

    Besides her very busy music career, Patricia Kaas is nominated for The Best Female Actress Award at the French TV and Radio Lauriers Awards, for her role in the TV drama “Assassinee”. You can watch the video for “Avec ce soleil” below:

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    BEZALEL RAVIVThe three Semifinals of KDAM 2013 will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Each Semifinal will consist of 10 songs from wich the Top 3 will go directly to the Final, while the 4th and 5th placed songs will advance to the Second Chance show, wich is scheduled on March 3rd. The winner of the Second Chance show will partcipate in the Final, on 7th March. IBA has revealed the jury members and among them we can see a lot of former Israel representatives in Eurovision:

    Mira Awad (Israel 2009)
    Uri Paster (director, screenwriter)
    Moshe Datz (Israel 1991)
    Ilanit (Israel 1973 and 1974)
    Dafna Dekel (Israel 1992)

    Also, Gal Ohovsky (music critic) and Jason Danino-Holt (TV host) will join the jury in the Final. The five shows will be hosted by Ron Shahar (actor, model and TV presenter) and Orna Datz (Israel representative in Eurovision 1991). You can listen to the KDAM entries here.

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    ROMANIA 2013 ESC SELECTIA NATIONALAThe second semifinal concluded in Romania and now the country speeds right to the final. Six more acts proceeded to the final tonight through a combination of jury and public voting. Tonight the final six acts of the Romania national final, Selecția Națională 2013 gained a place in the Grand Final. These were:

    Narcis Iustin Ianău – Seven
    Elena Cârstea Muttart – Spinning
    Ovidiu Anton – Run away with me
    Cristian Prăjescu – The Best Thing In Life Is To Love
    Al Mike feat. Renee Santana – What Is Love
    Andrei Leonte – Paralysed

    Casa Presei – Un refren
    FreeStay – Criminal Mind
    Luminița Anghel – Unique
    Cezar – It’s My Life
    Electric Fence – Emilia
    Tudor Turcu – Hello
    Narcis Lustin Lanău – Seven
    Elena Cârstea Muttart – Spinning
    Ovidiu Anton – Run away with me
    Cristian Prăjescu – The Best Thing In Life Is To Love
    Al Mike feat. Renee Santana – What Is Love
    Andrei Leonte – Paralysed

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    The 7th heat of Milli Secim Turu 2013, the Azeri National Selection for Eurovision 2013, has concluded and the winners are Nigar Huseynova and Vlada Axundova, both of them qualifying to the semifinals. A total of nine acts competed in the 7th heat and this is the first time when two acts manage to enter the semifinals. You can view their performances below:

    Vlada Axundova – Shady lady
    Nigar Huseynova – When the music dies

    The 8th heat will start on Monday and, until Friday, when the winner of the heat will be announced, the contestants can prove their talent to the jury and to the audience.

    Here is the schedule for the 8th heat:
    Monday – Eurovision hits
    Tuesday – Azerbaijani music
    Wednesday – World hits
    Thursday – Stage performance
    Friday – Candidates are free to perform a song of their own choice

    During the Friday show the artists will be able to repeat one of the four songs they have performed during the week. The shows are aired on Ictimai and the Final is expected to be held in mid March. The hosts of Milli Secim Turu 2013 are Leila Guliyeva and Konul Atifkizi.

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    The first Semifinal from the Romanian National Selection took place earlier with no more than 16 songs competing for six places in the Final. A lot of good voices and great songs competed in this tough Semifinal and some of the results where a bit shocking, like the failure of Natalia Barbu and of the big favourite Diana Hetea and her song “I believe in love”. The best vocal performances where given by Cezar, Luminita Anghel and Electric Fence, all of them qualifying without any problems.

    TVR didn’t release the final televoting results but half way trough the voting, Casa Presei had 5619 votes, followed by Luminita Anghel with 2244 votes and Cezar with 1724 votes. The six qualifiers, in the order that they will be singing in the Final, are:

    1. Casa Presei – Un refren
    3. FreeStay – Criminal mind
    5. Luminita Anghel – Unique
    7. Cezar – It’s my life
    9. Electric Fence – Emilia
    11. Tudor Turcu – Hello

    In total 16 acts participated tonight in the show and tomorrow another set of 16 acts will fight for six tickets to the final. Selecția Națională 2013 will conclude on March 9th with the grand final. Remember to read our review of the songs and vote for them here.

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      Sagheer786 you better ask if you don’t know!Natalia IS ROMANIAN BY BIRTH! she was born in a romanian familly in R.Moldova!and now she is a romanian citizen as well!she lives and works in Romania ,she is maried with a romanian .Discrimination ,is out of question!She was ill last night and her performance was not good!

    • sagheer786 00:11 on February 24, 2013 12:11 am Permalink

      really hope this is the year romania fail in eurovision big time for this stupid choice

    • sagheer786 00:11 on February 24, 2013 12:11 am Permalink

      the FACT is that if Natalia took part in the moldovan sleection and sang this song she would have won hands down but obviusly she didnt want to because of the moldovan rules change. Romanians would never want her to win and the Jurys didnt like her not because of her voice but because she isnt ROMANIAN born.

    • sagheer786 00:09 on February 24, 2013 12:09 am Permalink

      absolutley shocked that Natalia abrbu didnt qualify to the final. she desrevd to win the whole thing and this is just ridiculous when some of the acts that have qualified tonight have not been to the standard that she has.

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    LUMINITA ANGHELThe oikotimes.com team is reviewing the songs across Europe for the national finals. This time we got the Romanian national selection ones and we listened them very carefully. Here is our review of the songs for both semifinals (audio links provided also).

    1. Tudor Turcu – Hello
    Tudor Turcu, the winner of the second season of X Factor Romania, is presenting a pop-rock song produced by Norbert Kovacs. The song is in the same note as the ones Norbert produced for Tabasco in the 2008 and 2009 National Finals. Tudor’s voice makes this song more enjoyable though.

    2. Robert Turcescu & Casa Presei – Un refren
    The well-known journalist, Robert Turcescu, submited bland rock-ballad, a song that has old written all over it. Also, the fact that he sings it in Romanian doesen’t help. Robert seems to have no problem in singing the song but the lack of musical experience might cost him. Music by Gabriel Basarabescu.

    3. Electric Fence – Emilia
    Electric Fence where the runners-up in last year’s NF and a big surprise they where. Now the group is presenting us “Emilia”, an ethnic song in English. Elena has a stuning voice but her pronunciation is not that good. The song is composed by Electric Fence.

    4. Diana Hetea – I believe in love
    Diana Hetea took part in the first season of X Factor Romania, but she bacame more popular after she released her single “Back to me” featuring Adrian Sina (Akcent). Her entry, “I believe in love”, is an amazing ballad and it’s one of the hot favourites in the Selection and, as we can see from the live auditions, she took it perfect. The only thing she has to work on is the communication with the audience, as she seems to focus to much on singing perfect and she forgets about the emotions. Music by Jonas Gladnikoff, Johnny Sanchez, Sara Ljunggren, Michael James Down, Anders Kollerfors.

    5. Station 4 – Your heart is telling me so
    Known in Romania for their participation in the second season of X Factor Romania, Station 4 are submiting a nice pop-ballad but nothing more than that. The song is composed by Mihai Alexandru, who also composed the Romanian entry in Eurovision 2003, “Don’t break my heart”.

    6. Edict – Buddy Buddy
    Edict is a group that participated many times in the Moldovan Selection. For Romania they are proposing a song that can’t be attached to any genre as it’s a mixture of sounds. The lead vocal sings it in a strage way also. The song is composed by Valeriu Cataraga.

    7. FreeStay – Criminal mind
    When he was only 13 years old, Florin Ristei, the lead singer of FreeStay had a smashing hit in Romania entitled “Ea este Dana”. Now he is an adult and he brings a rock song that could do quite well, but this Semifinal is really strong and that should be a problem. The song is composed and written by Matei Alexandru Mihai and Florin Ristei.

    8. Maximilian Muntean – Broken heart
    Participant in the first season of The Voice, Maximilian Muntean, is coming with a very nice ballad entitled “Broken heart”. The song is really good and he already proved his vocals abilities, but again, this Semifinal is strong. Music by Petru Calinescu.

    9. Brigitta & Mihai feat. T.I.P.S – One heart
    Both Brigitta and Mihai took part in Megastar and The Voice, Mihai also wining Megastar 3. Together they submited a very good pop song with a fresh sound. This, together with their vocal abilities could really turn it into a Dark Horse. The song is composed by Tudor Nitu and David Ciente.

    10. Natalia Barbu – Confession
    The Moldovan representative in Eurovision 2007 is trying her chance for Romania now with a stuning and powerful ballad. She has great vocals abilities, no doubt about that, and as I said, the song is really good, so she could be a contender. Music by Radu Sirbu (former member of O-Zone) and Ana Sirbu.

    11. Spin & Cezar Dometi – Silver lining
    Spin is a well-kniwn band in Romania as they had some hits in the last decade like “Nimeni pe drum” or “Ploaia”, while Cezar Dometi is known for eliminating David Bryan (Romania 2011) in the second season of The Voice. The song that Spin and Cezar Dometi created together is called “Silver lining” and it’s a nice pop tune but nothing spectacular.

    12. Liviu Mititelu – La donna di nero
    An interesting song in Italian, sounds like a Sanremo song from the 80’s. The song should do well, but the bad reputation that Liviu has as a manele singer might cost him. Music by Liviu Mititelu.

    13. Cezar – It’s my life
    Cezar is one of the bigest voices in Romania and he is submiting a good pop-opera song wich he can handle perfectly. The song is composed by Cristian Faur, who also composed the Romanian entry in Eurovision 2005, “Let me try”.

    14. Tammy – Firebird
    Tammy also took part in the 2008 and 2009 NF as lead vocal of Imba. Then, she showed that she has some vocal abilities but it’s not perfect all the time. This year she brings a great dance tune produced by The Lions Beat.

    15. Luminita Anghel – Unique
    The Romanian representative in Eurovision 2005 is submiting a very diiferent entry now. A jazzy, somehow classy, ballad and she can sing it perfectly. I like the song a lot but I don’t think it’s suitable for Eurovision. Music by Rafael Herrero.

    16. Anthony – Dream girl
    There are a lot of things to say about Anthony: former member of the group Insane, runner-up in the Romanian 2011 NF, participant in the Moldovan Preselection for Eurovision 2011, participant in the first season of The Voice and one of the most apreciated music video director in Romania. The song that Anthony proposes for Eurovision is very good, somewhat dance, somewhat ballad. Music by Marcus Frenell, Frederik Randquist, Hanif Sabzevari, Jimi Thiesen, Michael James Down.

    1. Ovidiu Anton – Run away with me
    Former member of Pasager (NF 2010) and one of the best vocal performances in last year’s NF, Ovidiu Anton is submiting a very nice pop-rock ballad. His voice is good and knowing the fact that the Semifinal is quite weak he might have a chance. Music by Ovidiu Anton.

    2. Leticia – We are one
    Leticia also partipated in the 2011 NF and now she is presenting a song with a Eurodance flavour. At the auditions she was one of the most apreciated voices so she could do well. Music by Radu Alexandrescu and Sandu Stefan.

    3. Mosquito – Feel the same
    Mosquito aka Florin Iordache was runner-up in the second season of Megastar and former member of the group Krypton. He has a good voice but his song, “Feel the same”, is just bland and forgetable. The song is composed by Gabriel Baruta (former member of Hotel FM, the Romanian representatives in Eurovision 2011).

    4. Alin Vaduva – Storyline
    Alin was runner-up in the first season of X Factor Romania. “Storyline” is a very beautiful ballad that unfortunately lacks power. Music by Kevin Borg, Simon Gribe and Aidan O’Conner.

    5. Al Mike feat. Renee Santana – What is love
    Al Mike is the composer of Romania 2003 and he also took part in the 2011 NF, while Renee Santana is the niece of the worldwide music star Carlos Santana. The song is dance, with a bit of Eurodance flavour, but very modern. Renee’s voice is very good so they will definetly sing in the Final aswell.

    6. Diana Matei – Ma ma he
    This song is very annoying for me. A very large mixture of genre that even Diana, who has a good voice, can’t seem to handle it well. Music by Diana Matei and Gabriel Alexandru.

    7. 9 Gardens – All for naught
    Another mixturing type of song, very annoying. All we know about 9 Gardens is that they created the project in Switzerland. Music by Cary Shields, Dan Secheli, Florin Stefan and Radu Iaszberenyi.

    8. Zuralia – Sukar Transilvania
    Probably the weakest song in the NF, an ethnic entry in Romani language. It’s not the language, it’s just that the song is bland and very repetitive. It is somehow a bad copy of Goran Bregovich. Music by Aurel Mirea.

    9. ABCD – Final de razboi
    Cristina, former member of Impact, is coming with an amazing ballad. It’s a pitty that the song is in Romanian as it would’ve had much more chances in English. Nevertheless the song is awesome and Cristina has a great voice. Music by Cristina Haios and Gabriel Maga.

    10. Elena Carstea Muttard – Spinning
    Elena was the big favourite in the Romanian NF for Eurovision 2004 but she lost in fromt of Sanda. Now she is proposing a very classy song that seems to have nothing to do with Eurovision but she can do well thanks to her voice. Music by Elena Carstea Muttard and Cristian Faur (composer of Romania 2005).

    11. Narcis Iustin Ianau – Seven
    Narcis was runner-up in the first season of Romania’s Got Talent and he proved that he has an amazing voice. The problem here is with the song that seems to be very, very boring. Music by Dan Horatiu Dumitras and Narcis Iustin Ianau.

    12. Claudiu Mirea – I feel so high
    The winner of the third season of Megastar and participant in the first season of The Voice, Claudiu Mirea is bringing a very nice song but that’s it, only nice. The song is produced by K1 Productions.

    13. Andrei Leonte – Paralyzed
    Andrei Leonte won the first season of X Factor Romania thanks to his amazing voice and charisma. For Eurovision he submited a very good dance ballad that will definetly take him to the Final. Music by Mike Eriksson, Johnny Sanchez and Michael James Down.

    14. Cristian Prajescu – The best thing in life is to love
    Nobody knows to much about Cristian but from what we heard from the auditions he has a very good voice for a 16 year old teenager. “The best thing in life is to love” is a very good ballad but the fact that he is unknown might be a problem for him.

    15. JuL – Wake me up
    JuL, former member of the band Hi-Q, is coming with a very good dance song, probably the most mainstream song in this Selection. A lot of dubstep in it. Song composed by Viky Red.

    16. Phaser – Pur toi et pour moi
    Probably the most boring song I’ve ever heard. It doesen’t matter that it’s in French, the song is still just a very boring pop-rock dance entry. Music by Florin Pop-Magda, Tinu Vidaicu, Lucian Oprisan, Arnold Birta, Carina Dumitru, Radu Racz and Corian Paun.

    • sagheer786 14:56 on February 22, 2013 2:56 pm Permalink

      natalia barbu FTW and to go to eurovision 2013 for romania

  • Lucian Zavoianu 12:44 on February 21, 2013 12:44 pm Permalink
    Tags: ,   


    EUROVISION 2013 SUBLOGOWonk, the award winning mixed gay club in Malmo, har revealed it’s plans for the Eurovision week in May. The Amiralen Club will host five special club nights with performances from artists as it’s said on their blog.

    Amiralen Clun is located in Folkets Park, where big screens will be placed. Malmo City and Copenhagen City tourism officials will this week meet with the press to inform of what activities are planned for the Eurovision weeks in the twin cities of The Sound. Wonk will also host a Melodifestivalen afterparty this Saturday, when the Swedish selection tour arrives in Malmo.

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