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Spain 2017: Edurne suggests Cristina Ramos for national final

SPAIN – Edurne who represented Spain at Eurovision 2015 is currently working on the second edition of Got Talent for Telecinco on Spanish Network television. She is looking to succeed as a judge on the show more than last year, although, she admits it’s not easy. “I feel that this year I have the best act in the world but I’m fair when judging all acts and treat everyone with the upmost respect. I totally understand all the work that they have to go through during all ... | read the full story here

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Welcome to the grand final of the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. 17 countries participate, most of the favourites to win. The Junior Europrediction voters think Albania and Italy are the favourites while Ben Camille and Valerie Vella will host the exciting show. Yes, it’s not as big as in 2014 when took place again in Malta but still Maltese passion is all over the MCC auditorium. Enjoy the show in the review by our Spanish editor Jaime Solloso. Stay tuned for more ... | read the full story here

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Spain 2017: Nalaya Brown in the national final with ‘Carousel’?

SPAIN – Spanish singer Nalaya, who has been prominent in the Ibiza circuit since 2006, has proposed a song for Eurovision 2017. The song has been composed and produced by William Luque who previously composed the song for Stanley Miller “Chipper”, a finalist in the Swiss National Final 2016. The song, named “Carousel” is a dance number which is aimed to include many stage visuals. The aim is to enter the Spanish National Selection and be the Spanish representative ... | read the full story here

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Portugal’s Maria Leal tempted by Eurovision

PORTUGAL – The latest online phenomenon in Portugal, Maria Leal has said that she would not reject the opportunity to represent Portugal at Eurovision 2017, as reports. In a recent interview on Portuguese television, the singer who has been causing a stir on social media with her vocal performance, stated that she would be interested in going to Kyiv. She was interviewed on the television programme “Maluco Beleza” which is hosted by former RTP Eurovision ... | read the full story here

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Spain 2017: Ruth Lorenzo open to selection

SPAIN – Spanish 2014 representative, Ruth Lorenzo who is rumoured to be in contention to represent Spain at Eurovision 2017 has recently stated in an interview that she already has a song prepared for the contest but that she would prefer a male participant to take part instead. Ruth Lorenzo has not confirmed is her new song is performed in English or in the native Spanish language, something which caused controversy at this years’ contest. She has however said that she would be ... | read the full story here

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Spain 2017: TVE still undecided on National Final format

SPAIN – Just like every other year and while every other country is already preparing their national selection process, TVE have yet to do anything. Rumours are that TVE wishes to hold a national final with semifinals, like it did in 2011 and previously via Operación Triunfo (Fame Academy). Toñi Prieto, director of entertainment for RTVE has recently confirmed via interview that the idea is to have 13 programmes which result in a national final but that there is concern at whether the ... | read the full story here

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Ola Melzig: The Arena needs to be the correct one

SWEDEN – In a recent interview, Ola Melzig, technical director for Eurovision for the past 16 years, has explained the complicated process which makes up the superproduction of Eurovision. In Stockholm, the Globen Arena took centre stage for Eurovision, this was also the site for 2000 and would have been in 2013, except that a World Hockey Championship was taking place and Eurovision was moved to Mälmo. Melzig explained that the Tele2 Arena was not chosen because the bigger the arena, ... | read the full story here

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Rumour has it: will Ruth Lorenzo represent Spain again?

SPAIN – Ruth Lorenzo who represented Spain at Eurovision in 2014 has apparently signed to represent Spain once again in 2017. Rumours are circulating that the Spanish singer, who took part in 2014 with the song “Dancing in the Rain” has closed negotiations with TVE to represent Spain at Eurovision in 2017. The rumour is supported by claims made by the former X-factor UK singer in 2014, that she would return to Eurovision in three years time with a performance looking to win ... | read the full story here

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María Villalón interested in Eurovision 2017

SPAIN- In a recent interview, María Villalón, the first winner of Spanish X-Factor has said that although her name was mentioned as a possible Eurovision representative this year, she was never approached. However she would be interested in representing Spain at Eurovision should the opportunity arise and has not dismissed possibly taking part next year. María Villalón who previously shared a stage with Barei, who represented Spain in 2016 with the song “Say Yay!”, showed her ... | read the full story here

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