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  • Jaime Solloso 21:28 on May 20, 2017 9:28 pm Permalink |  

    Portuguese Parliament congratulate Salvador and Luisa Sobral 

    PORTUGAL – Yesterday the Portuguese parliament was unanimously united to celebrate the victory of Portugal at Eurovision 2017 by inviting both Salvador and Luisa Sobral as special guests.

    Speaking after the event, Salvador said he hoped that victory in Kiev would make the government provide more funding for Portuguese arts and culture.

    Luisa, herself, added that she felt honoured that herself and her brother were received so warmly since Kiev and that she was delighted to see so many covers of “Amar pelos dois” appearing on the internet in the days since victory was achieved in Kiev.

    Moving forward, Salvador is being heralded as a major artist, especially since winning Eurovision in Kiev and although he is still recovering from illness, he is being pushed into the spotlight at international level as a main representative for Portugal.

    “Amar pelos dois” has been rewarded by the press in both Europe and Australia as the best song sent to Kiev and there will be much expectation at what else will be produced in the year to come.

  • Jaime Solloso 00:52 on May 18, 2017 12:52 am Permalink |  

    Manel Navarro speaks out on Eurovision experience 

    SPAIN – Having obtained last place on the Eurovision scoreboard with “Do it for your lover”, Manel Navarro took part in his first official post-Eurovision interview.

    The interview focussed on his new song, taking place on a private Spanish television network and Manel confirmed that he has had a bad time on account of the result obtained in Kiev. He did however confirm that now was the time to hold his head up and look to future goals.

    During the interview he claimed that what happened was not the fault of RTVE and that maybe the public disliked the song. Manel claiming that at times he got upset with all the negativity surrounding his selection and that he didn’t mean any of the comments directed at Eurofans during the National Final.

    He considered the song to be inferior to other acts at the final, notably when comparing himself to eventual winner, Salvador Sobral, he claimed that they were miles apart. He considered Portugal as his favourite fromt he start of events in kiev and that there is no special formula for Eurovision.

    His one complaint was for the song, which he claims is not to his style and that he would be happy to take part once more in Eurovision but with a totally different kind of song.

    There was some humour directed at the performance of Manel at Eurovision, especially as he famously failed to hit a high note during his moments on stage.

    The jokes mostly aimed as saying that it was all done on purpose, which it clearly wasn’t but concluding the interview, Manel Navarro confirmed that he has two concerts lined up for June, in Barcelona and Madrid.

    In the meantime in this post you can listen to the new song of Manel.

  • Jaime Solloso 18:31 on May 16, 2017 6:31 pm Permalink |  

    RTP Director General tracks back on earlier comments 

    PORTUGAL – Today RTP Director General, Nuno Artur Silva has tracked back on earlier comments that Lisbon would be the host city for Eurovision 2018, claiming that no decision has yet been taken.

    The comments come on the back of criticism nationally that seemed to ignore the rest of Portugal and RTP have now stated that they will look at the entire map before making an ultimate decision. There is the possibility that the host city will be chosen by public tender or a vote, as has happened in recent years but the focus from RTP is to keep costs to a minimum where possible.

    The favourite host city still remains Lisbon, although the cities Faro, Feira and Guimarães have expressed an interest in hosting Eurovision. Porto, the second biggest city has not shown any interest to date in hosting but there are few venues that could host the expected capacity for the event or the accomodation requirements.

    The MEO Arena in Lisbon appears to be the favourite host venue but if costs prove a problem there may be the possibility of an alternative pop-up venue or football stadium, with a temporary roof, being used to host.

    EBU will be looking to avoid the issues which plagued Ukraine this year, especially with delays in building and choice of venue however having hosted recent international events, Portugal has a slightly better infrastructure system in place to avoid similar difficulties.

  • Jaime Solloso 01:10 on May 16, 2017 1:10 am Permalink |  

    Marcel Bezençon Award 2017 winners announced 

    UKRAINE – The annual Marcel Bezençon Awards have been handed out after Eurovision 2017 reached it’s natural conclusion. The press award which is awarded by the collective votes of the press was won by Italy and Francesco Gabbani with Occidentalis Karma. The Artistic award, given to the best artistic performance and voted by each national commentator, was won by Portugal and Salvador Sobral with Amar Pelos Dois. The composer award, given for national identity and originality, was won by Luisa Sobral with Amar Pelos Dois. Meaning that the Sobral family have walked away with the artist and composer awards alongside the Eurovision 2017 victory. The remaining award categority to be handed out is the Barbara Dex Award which will be announced on Sunday afternoon.

  • Jaime Solloso 18:40 on May 15, 2017 6:40 pm Permalink |  

    Lisbon confirmed as Eurovision location for 2018 

    LISBON – After a memorable victory for Salvador Sobral with “Amar pelos dois” at Eurovision 2017 in Kiev, Portugal now have the enviable task of hosting Eurovision 2018 and RTP have confirmed that the event will take place in Lisbon.

    The actual location still remains to be chosen and any mention of possible venues is just rumour for now. Portugal has hosted some International events in recent years, so some of the infrastructure is already in place to make for a fantastic few weeks of Eurovision.

    The dates also remain to be announced although it’s likely to be at a similar time next May, as it was this year. At the winners press conference, the EBU openly offered full support to RTP in ensuring a smooth and effective hosting for next year and it’s unlikely that any issues which arose this year will be repeated.

    One thing so far is clear, Eurovision 2018 will take place in Lisbon, capital of Portugal.

  • Jaime Solloso 23:06 on May 10, 2017 11:06 pm Permalink |  

    Russian media accuse Cyprus for using their 2016 Eurovision entry graphics idea 

    RUSSIA – Russian media have been talking about the amount of participants who in Kiev have been plagiarising Russia’s 2016 entry by Sergei Lazarev, “You are the only one”.

    Given how the 2016 contest emerged with the victory of Jamala for Ukraine, with “1944”, it appears that the direction has been given to plagiarism by other nations.

    Notable among these are Cyprus who is accused of using a rotation against the background of the starry sky and geometric figures, almost a copy of Sergei Lazarev and Montenegro, who it is claimed used his image against the background of the screens with views of the universe.

    Azerbaijan is also accused of copying the 2016 Russian entry, with the singer floundering in the room in a manner similar to that of Lazarev.

    It is further claimed that Eurovision fans have flooded social networks with collages, where they highlight massive plagiarism against the 2016 Russian entry. Recalling how, last year, it was Sergei Lazarev who won the viewers vote in the contest and it was the jury’s opinion which decided that Ukrainian singer Jala should have been victorious.

    • Pall Zundak 00:52 on May 11, 2017 12:52 am Permalink

      when oikotimes passed to be a Greek eurovision site, to become a russian propaganda?

  • Jaime Solloso 23:38 on May 6, 2017 11:38 pm Permalink |  

    Spanish national broadcaster confirms Operación Triunfo as national selection for 2018 

    SPAIN – On the TVE programme “Informe Semanal”, it has been confirmed that Operación Triunfo (Fame Academy) will be returning to TVE and will be the process to select the Eurovision representative for 2018.

    The rumour that this was likely has been around for a while and although Manel Navarro is currently in Kiev, to represent Spain at this year’s Eurovision, the return of Operación Triunfo as a selection process means that the process for 2018 will return to the one used from 2002 to 2004.

    Rosa was the most iconic representative from this process, achieving 7th place in 2002 and gaining TVE over 14 million viewers for that year’s final in Tallin. The song “Europe is living a celebration” is still a Eurofan favourite and was followed up by Beth in 2003 and Ramón in 2004, although by then the interest in the format had declined.

    It is also widely expected that the return of the show may lead to the return of previous Eurovision names to TVE screens and to help prepare whoever will be selected for Spain in 2018.

  • Jaime Solloso 21:15 on April 27, 2017 9:15 pm Permalink |  

    The absurd news of the day: TVE refuse accreditation to all OGAE Spain members! 

    SPAIN – RTVE have rejected the accreditation request made by OGAE Spain to attend Eurovision this year, claiming irregularities in the submitted application.

    Ana María Bordas who took over from Federico Llano, claimed that on the application request was written OGAE France instead of OGAE Spain however the organisation have checked and claim that no such error exists.

    TVE have so far rejected any talk on the subject and state that accreditation is now handled by an alternative department, although their presence remains unknown.

    OGAE Spain have stated that they believe they have been unable to achieve accreditation because they took events surrounding the national selection to court and that TVE do not want any disruptions for this years candidate.

  • Jaime Solloso 19:28 on March 23, 2017 7:28 pm Permalink |  

    Andrey Danilko is unhappy over the Ukrainian decision, claims Russian press 

    UKRAINE – In talks with a Russian newspaper, Andrey Danilko, best known to Eurofans as Verka Sarduchka, commented about the situation surrounding Julia Samoilova just before the singer was forbidden from entering Ukraine to take part in Eurovision 2017.

    Andrey is unhappy over the decision, claiming that the singer poses no security risk for the country.

    “Politicians should see this as an act of human tolerance and decency…she did enter the country without the official Ukrainian documentation but she did it to represent people like herself, to tell her own personal story. She isn’t going to Ukraine with a weapon, she’s going with a song”.

    These words seem to have fallen on deaf ears, as Ukraine went ahead and forbade Julia from entering the Ukraine and therefore being unable to take part in this year’s Eurovision, at least for now. If it’s confirmed that Julia will not take part in Kiev 2017, then neither Channel One nor RTR will transmit the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Jaime Solloso 00:29 on March 16, 2017 12:29 am Permalink |  

    Portugal 2017: Salvador Sobral will not be seen until Kyiv but health is not the issue 

    PORTUGAL – Confusion created after Portuguese tabloid reported a heart problem for the 2017 Portuguese representative. The rumour is now officially denied by Ana Paulo, Salvador’s manager saying: “I have nothing more to say about that. He is recovering well from hernia surgery. Eurovision is not at risk and neither is Salvador’s career. Almost every single concert is sold out.” There was a small surgical problem when Salvador participated in the national final with RTP confirming timings for his participation. Local press though continued the rumours and speculations.

    yesterday’s report

    Portuguese Eurovision representative, Salvador Sobral appears to be unwilling to take part in any of the warm-up Eurovision shows scheduled before Kiev. According to sources close to the singer, although he was invited to take part in Amsterdam, Israel and Madrid, it appears that he has turned down all overtures in order to concentrate solely on Kiev in an attempt to win the contest. In order to be in perfect health, it is expected that Sobral will take a break before Kiev and focus entirely on his song “Amar Pelos Dois” which he has recently promoted via an interview for EBU. Sobral has also published the official video for the song which appears to have been well received with over 200,000 viewers to date and will shortly be recording the postcard for Kiev. However it appears that Salvador Sobral will not be promoting his song until the semifinals in Kiev. (source: escportugal.pt.vu)

    the fake story

    According to close family sources, the Portuguese representative for Eurovision 2017, Salvador Sobral is in need of a heart transplant. It appears that he has been suffering from heart problems for some time and his appearance onstage is to hide a machine which keeps his heart stable, something which needs to be with him on a daily basis. The timescale for a possible transplant is affected by the need for a donor but would need to be undertaken before the end of the year. Salvador is still expected to take part in Kiev but has cancelled all engagements prior to the semifinals, something slightly unusual with major events in Amsterdam, Madrid and London seen as an opportunity to showcase the song. (source: Flash)

    • João Thiago 01:07 on May 10, 2017 1:07 am Permalink

      The article you posted isn’t accurate.
      Salvador has been diagnosed with heart issues that were not disclosed, simply because he doesn’t want to talk about it, he doesn’t want to get any votes based on pity or his health conditions.
      The reason why he didn’t show up earlier was because he indeed cannot be away from his doctors for too long.
      He also went through a surgery righ after the Portuguese final on a hernia as stated.
      A side of this, he did turn down appearances in Amsterdam and Israel for being too far away and he cannot stay away from the medical team.
      He did show up in Madrid and also sung with the Spanish singer of this Eurovision.
      If you guys want, I can post here both interviews where his sister mentions his heart issue and medical conditions as I can also post here the footage of Salvador singing in Madrid with the Spanish competitor.

  • Jaime Solloso 00:25 on March 16, 2017 12:25 am Permalink |  

    Operación triunfo returns to TVE 

    SPAIN – TVE has decided to bring back the programme which was the focal point of it’s Eurovision selection process for several years, Operación Triunfo (Fame Academy). The programme which TVE gave up on in 2004 after running for 3 successful years is returning to TVE screens.

    The programme was shown on rival channel, Telecinco from 2005 until 2011 with mediocre audiences but it has now been confirmed as returning to TVE. The producers of the programme, Josep María Mainat and Toni Cruz, who own the rights to the programme in Spain are negotiating with Endemol, the company behind the programme to bring Operación Triunfo to TVE.

    Preparations for the studio are already underway and it appears that TVE have approved the return of the programme although there is no knowledge if this means that the programme will form the basis for the Eurovision national final next year (2018).

    Recently TVE screened a special of OT: El Reencuentro, aimed at showing key moments of the programme from 2001-2004, which was well received and it seems that has prompted the channel to revive the programme.

    The main concern would be funding, as TVE is no longer in a position to spend the amounts of money it once did, although it’s unlikely that the programme will be presented in the same format as it was previously.

  • Jaime Solloso 12:07 on February 27, 2017 12:07 pm Permalink |  

    RTVE respond to National Final complaints 

    SPAIN – TVE have sent out an oficial reply to the mounting criticism regarding the National Final and the selection process undertaken.

    Via its secondary channel, La 2, TVE have stated that the selection process has complied with EBU rules and that the majority of Eurovision fans are happy with the chosen act of Manel Navarro, which appears to contradict the recent news stories being circulated.

    TVE have also stated that every contestant vying for a place in Kiev, 405 in total, are all in complete agreement with the selection process followed and the decisions taken.

    However, some contestants have shown their unhappiness and have gone as far as to seek advice, in regards to contesting the process followed.

    Concerning the jury, TVE have defended the decision taken, saying that all jury members stuck by their original decision and the vote was a “quality vote”, which came about after a public vote which this year accounted for 50%.

    Ultimately TVE are deciding to continue with their initial process and are drawing a line with regards to the complaints and questions raised about the choosing of Manel Navarro as th Spanish representative in Kiev.

    As a side note, this statement by TVE com’s after the resignation of the head of Eurovision delegation for TVE, Federico Llano, who cited “personal reasons” for doing so, with a further investigation by the Auditory Commission underway.

  • Jaime Solloso 02:50 on February 25, 2017 2:50 am Permalink |  

    Regional press claim Federico Llano resigned 

    SPAIN – According to sources, the impending investigation by the Auditory Commission may have led to the Subdirector of Coproductions and festivals at TVE, Federico Llano to resign.

    The reason given appears to be personal reasons but with TVE expected to release a statement regarding the National Final and the closeness of the chosen representative, Manel Navarro, with two of the jury members, it is very close timing if this has actually happened.

    TVE have yet to officially confirm anything although it’s expected that a replacement in the name of Ana María Bordas has already been named. Whether this decision will lead to the resignation of the other Spanish Eurovision representative, Toñi Prieto, remains to be seen.

    Meanwhile Spanish representative, Manel Navarro today confirmed his appearance at the London Eurovision Party on the 2nd April. This will be followed by the Amsterdam Eurovision party on 8th April, where Manel will continue to promote his song “Do it for your lover”.

  • Jaime Solloso 00:30 on February 23, 2017 12:30 am Permalink |  

    Romania 2017: will Lora be fined if not show up in the semi final? 

    ROMANIA – The Romanian national final has caused concern due to the decision of Lora to quit the selection process, a move that could lead to a 100,000 Euro fine.

    Lora took the decision to quit the national selection process just after the auditions, a decision based on her disagreements with the Romanian organisers, even though her song “I Know” was considered one of the favourites to be selected for Kiev.

    Even with Lora quitting, TVR selected her to take part in the semifinals, although they named her replacement, Zanga, instead. Now, TVR claim a contractual clause whereby Lora and her team must pay 1000.000 Euro fine for breaching an agreement to take part in the selection process.

    According to TVR rules, the fine is part of the selection process and must be paid immediately if a withdrawal takes place. Lora’s manager however states that the withdrawal took place before any selection was decided and therefore, no fine should be handed out.

    It’s rumoured that the decision could be a ploy by TVR to increase viewing figures for the National Final, which finds itself with a very low audience figure and it’s been rumoured that the fine could be extended to those participants who never took part in the oficial first stage auditions, a further 12 singers in total.

  • Jaime Solloso 23:44 on February 22, 2017 11:44 pm Permalink |  

    Spain 2017: Toñi Prieto to give explanations to the authorities while Manel films his clip in Tenerife 

    SPAIN – The situation involving TVE continues to drag on as Manel Navarro films the official video for his song in Tenerife and Toñi Prieto, head of entertainment for the channel, is now being questioned by the auditory committee on events surrounding the Spanish National Final, where Manel Navarro was selected to represent the country in Kiev.

    Spanish law with the introduction of the transparency law, requires all actions undertaken by a public body to be scrutinised if there are questions around malpractice and the Auditory Committee are responsible for heading an investigation into what happened at the National Final. The committee meeting will involve 5 politicians chosen by the three main political parties in Parliament. Toñi Prieto will be asked to give her version of events as to what happened in the National final, where two of the jury members have been proven to have previous links to the chosen Spanish candidate for Eurovision. The meeting will be given a preapproved date but rumour has it that the Committee President is likely to delay the appearance of Prieto until March. Any results gathered by the Committee will have to be handed to the Council of Administration, who in turn have the ultimate voice in deciding what happens to those involved.

    Questions that are likely to come up are how Toñi Prieto’s daughter happens to work for Sony Music, the same record label behind the promotion of Manel Navarro. How two of the Jury members have worked with Manel Navarro prior to the National Final, with one actively pictured promoting the candidate before the final took place. The production of the final, involving a company in which Toñi Prieto is herself involved and how this has been repeated even though using that company was questioned the previous year. TVE themselves have still refused to release details of expenses for Eurovision 2015, delaying a request by the Council of Administration to do so, by repeatedly appealing the request.

    Meanwhile Manel Navarro has began filming the official video for his song “Do it for your lover” in Tenerife. The video involves a surfing and summery background and is being directed by Mauro D. Galiano, who has previously worked with many national Spanish artists. Manel Navarro has confirmed his attendance at the Amsterdam Eurovision Concert on the 8th April and is looking to also attend the London Eurovision Party, with other possible appearances elsewhere highly likely.

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