Articles by Ghassan Al Kaziri (UAE)

Portugal 2017: highlights from Salvador’s interview to regional press

PORTUGAL – Salvador Sobral spoke recently to giving information about his health, Eurovision participation and more, during an RTVE video filming for Manel Navarro. Regarding his medical condition he said that the people don’t have to know what is wrong with him and avoided further information on his condition while Portuguese rehearsal is subjected already into changes in timeline and presence. “I am dealing with my health problems as I dealt with everyone else. I ... | read the full story here

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Belarus 2017: Naviband’s press conference in Minsk

BELARUS – Belarusian representatives, Naviband, spoke to the press today in Minsk at the BTRC conference hall, few days before their arrival in Kyiv for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Regarding their stage presentation, it is already known that a team from Ukraine is organising the performance of the band, directed by Tatyana Ostroverkh as previously reported. Dmitry Kuryata and Olga Drozdova will help the two amazing singers from Belarus in terms of styling and vocal coaching ... | read the full story here

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Eurovision 2017 preview shows from Norway, Finland and Iceland

SCANDINAVIA – Three preview shows launched today in Scandinavia: Norway started the annual Adresse Kiev while Finnish (Swedish) De Eurovisa – Euroviisaat and Icelandic Alla lei broadcast as well. The results are quite interesting as they differ a lot in many cases from polls and the “famous” OGAE International poll for which not even 1000 people have cast their votes. In Norway the 42 participants were reviewed by the panel and the top five has as follow: Sweden, ... | read the full story here

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Eurofans can buy their Euro Fan Cafe access pass

UKRAINE – The venue of the EuroClub is CEC “Parkovy” st. The Parkova road 16A , from terrace you can see a beautiful view of the main arena of Eurovision. Euroclub – is a nightclub for delegations, representatives of the press and fans, where you can watch live broadcasts from the arena, participate in official parties from delegations, as well as visit the after party of «The Opening Ceremony», «First SEMI-Final, «Second SEMI-final» and «Final of the Eurovision ... | read the full story here

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Find out why Russian withdrawal will affect viewing figures and which country could benefit the most

RUSSIA- A historic low is expected in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest viewing rates as Russia is now out of the competition and also from the broadcasting of the three shows. Up to recent years a country not broadcasting the event was not eligible for participating next year but the rule doesn’t exist anymore. 15 million viewers seems to be the share of the Russian audience in the viewing rates in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest according to local media (for all three shows). EBU also ... | read the full story here

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ARD’s Thomas Schreiber: ‘It’s a pity that Ukraine fell into the trap of Russian PR’

GERMANY – Germany’s ARD Entertainment Cordinator, Mr Thomas Schreiber commented the Russian withdrawal from the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest accusing (not entirely though) the Ukrainian side. Thomas Schreiber Statement “It’s a pity that Ukraine fell into the trap of Russian PR. It’s a pity that the colorful world of Eurovision, which stands for tolerance, diversity of life styles and its joy, will not be seen in Russia this year. At the very least, the EBU has ... | read the full story here

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Deutsche Welle to broadcast Eurovision 2017 globally

GERMANY – German broadcaster Deutsche Welle will broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 for the first time in its history both online and via television. It includes both of the semi finals and the grand final. In Germany of course the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be aired by One (all three shows), NDR Fernsehen (second semi final) Das Erste (Grand Final). But Germany is not the only country airing globally the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. ERT World from Greece and RTP ... | read the full story here

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Zurab Alasania the new UA:Перший Chairman, while IEC gets seats from Lviv arena!

UKRAINE – 7,000 seats have been dismantled from the Lviv Arena, the city arena which bid for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest hosting. Those seats have been transported to Kyiv to become part of the International Exhibition Centre seating plan. The dismantling started on April 8th and concluded today. The seats will be returned to Lviv after the contest. In the meantime Zurab Alasania has been elected Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Public Broadcaster through the elections today by ... | read the full story here

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Ukraine’s top diplomat: there will be no concessions for Russian singer at Eurovision

UKRAINE – Despite possible boycotting of the Eurovision Song Contest by some of its participants, Ukraine will make no concessions as for the entry ban for the Russian contestant, Yulia Samoilova, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin said on Friday. “The answer is simple. Concessions are impossible as the law applies to everyone,” he said at a news conference after a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine commission. On March 22, the Ukrainian Security Council (SBU) issued a ... | read the full story here

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