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For many years I was living in Denmark, it was back in 2000 when I met and loved the Eurovision Song Contest. Thousands of miles away from Europe now, I am still a dedicated fan of the contest and proud to be a member of

Slovak broadcaster confirms absence from Kyiv and refutes NTU’s hopes

SLOVAKIA – What NTU’s Director General was brought as hope through a Twitter statement, ended (with a no happy ending) today. Slovakia will not return to the Eurovision Song Contest despite the NTU message saying that there is no negative information from Slovakia. Czech Head of Delegation, Jan Forst Bors, recently stated to the Slovak press: “Take a look at it and see that it’s really big and prestigious thing, which is worth participating in. Come see for yourself. Of ... | read the full story here

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Latvia 2017: Supernova kicks off with Spotify included

LATVIA – Latvian national broadcaster kicks off Supernova 2017 edition, through which the country will decide its entry and participant for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest introducing Spotify streaming data for the first time. Ills Jansone, producer of the show said that they want to find a song that will have a life after Eurovision and therefore in collaboration with Universal Music Group and Spotify they will try to reach new audiences and include voting results from the real data by ... | read the full story here

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Sandhja definitely not thinking any Eurovision return

FINLAND – Always smiley and always with positive energy every time we met her in Stockholm, Sandhja spoke about her Eurovision 2016 experience to MTV3 during the red carpet of ELLE Style Awards. She expressed complaints for lack of European supports but she learned a lot about music business and how everything works, trying to qualify her country to the final. Eurovision is not only the artist but a huge machine behind him, Sandhja says, and everyone involved has a hard time for trying to ... | read the full story here

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Malta 2017: local press reveals major change for MESC!

MALTA – The island which is going to host the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest is under a major change for the senior Eurovision Song Contest selection. reports that based on an interview with the new PBS CEO. John Bundy, who took over the PBS CEO positions from Anton Attard, most likely due to the high spendings for Eurovision Song Contest while the country didn’t manage to do well in Stockholm, said that the national selection for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will ... | read the full story here

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More information regarding the Eurovision 2017 theme tender

UKRAINE – We already told you that NTU opened a tender for the Eurovision 2017 theme design which will include a theme (video), a sub logo and a slogan. The latest information say that NTU gave a preliminary idea on the phrase “Hear our voices” to the Ukrainian design companies. The final decision will be taken by the Reference Group and the national broadcaster of Ukraine (could be on 11th of November when the next meeting will take place in Kyiv). Havas Worldwide Ukraine, ... | read the full story here

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Eurovision 2017: sub logo submissions due on November 4th

UKRAINE – Ukrainian national television launched a tender for the creation of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest sub logo. Submissions due on November 4th and NTU is expecting proposals from all over the country with a Ukrainian sentiment in them. More information for those interested in the NTU official video. DID YOU KNOW? Fro the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest the official logo of the contest remained the same from the 2004 contest with the country’s flag in the heart being changed. ... | read the full story here

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EBU’s Borin Bergant: we try to find solutions to improve the work

ROMANIA – From technical to financial, European Broadcasting Union is already in Bucharest to assist the national broadcaster to become more independent, to secure its finances and be able to pay its debts and regulate the work in order to have better TVR in the upcoming years. EBU appointed Borin Bergant, senior EBU consultant as the liaison with TVR. In his statements he said: “With TVR management we try to find solutions to improve the work. You can always make things ... | read the full story here

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EBU updates press on recent visit to Kyiv

GENEVA – Through the official EBU website for the Eurovision Song Contest we got the latest update on EBU’s visit in Kyiv where the plans for hosting the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest were discussed. Jon Ola Sand explained that there is a big challenge for the broadcaster due to the limited time for hosting the event. He also said that EBU and NTU still discuss the proposed venues for Euroclub, Eurovillage and Opening Ceremony therefore there is still no confirmation of any kind. EBU ... | read the full story here

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NGOs working together to bring Turkey in Eurovision 2017! (does Erdogan knows?)

TURKEY – It’s reported by local media that some Non Govermental Organisations are working to bring back Turkey to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. Those NGOs are from Crimea: Crimean Tatar Organisational Platform, Crimean Turks Culture and the Solidarity Association. Their argument is that a return of Turkey in Eurovision is a necessity due to the Crimea-Turkey cultural relations especially now that “1944” won the Eurovision Song Contest, plus that Crimean Tatars are ... | read the full story here

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Germany 2017: Hamburg and Cologne audition information

GERMANY – German official Eurovision website informed those interested into participating in the national selection that Hamburg and Cologne will host the auditions for “Unser Song 2017” which will take place next month. The first day of auditions is scheduled for November 5th in Cologne and in Hamburg on November 12th. Specifications and rules for the auditions also announced: Participants must be at the time of the preliminary decision (February 9, 2017) at least 18 years ... | read the full story here

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