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    EMMELIE DE FORESTShe is the ultimate favourite for months now and Emmelie de Forest found some time to respond to oikotimes.com’s questions for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. The sweet girl from Denmark is talking about everything. Here is what she said to us.

    How did you decide to enter the Danish competition DMGP?
    “It has always been a dream to me to participate in the competition. It’s a great show that I’ve been watching with my family since I was a little girl. So I have a lot of good memories. My publisher heard my voice and thought I was a good match with “Only Teardrops” and the songwriters. So we recorded the song and sent it to the Danish Broadcasting (DR) and that’s how it all began…”

    Tell us about the experience in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, your preparations, rehearsals… and the most exciting and interesting moments? “It was a really good experience! We had sound checks and choreography tests in Copenhagen and in Herning where the show was held. There was a press conference 10 days before the show where every song and artist was announced. I remember being very excited – it was the first time that I met the press. Another exciting moment was when I first stepped onto the stage in Herning when we had our first rehearsal. And of course when I was through to the final and at the end of the show when they told me on stage that I had won the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix – it was a great moment J”

    What about your music carrer? When did you start singing?
    “I’ve been singing since I was three years old. I started to sing on stage when I was around 7. I went to a very creative school from the age of 6 until I was 16 years old. When I was 14 I started touring every weekend with a Scottish musician Fraser Neill. We sang and played at festivals, culture houses, music places, private parties and so on. My mother drove the car and helped out as a roadie. In 2011 I moved to Copenhagen and started studying at Katrine Sadolin’s Complete Vocal Institute for singers since I’d got a scholarship from a fund.”

    Any favourite type of music? What songs do you usually carry in your mp3 or i-pod?
    “At the moment I listen a lot to “Mumford & Sons” and “Florence and the Machine”. My big idol is Kate Bush. I love her way of singing, her weirdness in a good way and how she performs on stage. Her melodies and lyrics are amazing! One of my biggest inspirations growing up was Kurt Cobain. I was totally in love with him and my room was filled with posters. I had all their CD’s. I am still a huge fan of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.”

    Have you tought about recording a videoclip for Only Teadrops?
    “That would be fantastic. I hope that we’ll make a video, I think it would be a hit J”

    What do you think about the Eurovision 2013 moto “We Are One”? Has it any meaning for you?
    “I think it’s a motto that unties all of Europe and I hope and think that my song “Only Teardrops” will do the same thing.”

    Do you think that Eurovision near Denmark will give you any advantage?
    “I don’t know if it’s an advantage, but I think it’s wonderful that the ESC is in Malmö, Sweden this year. It feels like home to me, since I’m half Swedish.”

    What do you think about the polls which tell you are the favourite to win Eurovision 2013?
    “I try not to pay too much attention because it makes me a bit nervous. But it’s still nice that people believe in me and believe in the song.”

    How do you feel listening that many people like your song?
    “I think it’s fantastic that people are listening to the song and has received Only Teardrops so well through all of Europe. It gives me energy… I also think it’s a beautiful song J”

    Any favourite among the already selected entries by other countries? Which one you are afraid of?
    “I haven’t listened that much to the other entries. It makes me nervous so I think I’ll wait until Malmö when we have rehearsals and I will hear the other songs.”

    Do you like travelling? How many European countries have you visited until the date?
    “I love travelling! I love experiencing new countries and cities, meeting new people and different kinds of cultures. So far I’ve been to Sweden (of course!), Germany, France, The Czech Republic, Cyprus, Poland, England, Spain and Belgium.”

    What do you do in your free time? Do you practice any sport?
    “l love horseback riding, ice skating and skiing. I also love being in the water, though I’m not a great swimmer. In Copenhagen I mostly go for a walk on the beach or a run in the park. In my free time I love listening to music, sing, read and watch movies; spend time with friends, family and animals. I also enjoy going out to concerts, restaurants, museums or the cinema.”

    What is your favourite fashion style? What do you usually wear in a normal day?
    “It’s very different and depends on how I’m feeling that day. I like to be natural on stage with bare feet with not too much makeup on – it makes me feel more relaxed. But when I’m not on stage I sometimes like to dress up. I have a lot of high heels at home and I like the vintage styles from the 20’ties until the 60’ties with pearls and very feminine styles. Other days I’m more casual. I’m a fan of the Danish designer: Designers Remix by Charlotte Eskildsen.”

    Could you send a message for our fans?
    “Hi everyone, I’m looking very much forward to perform for all of you in Malmö J I hope you’ll like my performance and I think we’ll have a great time in Sweden! All the best from, E.”

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    The team of http://www.oikotimes.com presents you a new video interview with the Maltese representative in the 2013 Eurovision Soong Contest, Gianluca Bezzina. The young doctor from Malta will represent his country in Malmoe with the song “Tomorrow” in the second semifinal and so far it seems that he qill qualify to the final. Below you can see the video interview we got with him.

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    DINA GARIPOVAThe team of oikotimes.com had the pleasure to chat with Dina Garipova, who will represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with one of the most debated songs this year.

    Hello Dina! First of all, thanks for taking your time chatting with oikotimes.com after have been selected as Russian representative in Mälmo.

    How did you receive the proposal to represent Russia at Eurovision 2013? What were your first impressions and feelings? I was happy to hear the news. That was one of those ‘dream come true’ moments. But I understand it also means great responsibility – it is a huge honour to come on stage knowing that I’m not here by myself but as a representative of Russia. And my goal is to perform well.

    Tell us more about your music career
    Actually my professional career is just about to begin, so there’s not much I can tell you about it. I started taking vocal classes since I was 6, performed in my hometown and in other places, participated in music contests of various levels, always had tried to improve my singing, listened to good music and dreamed that someday I would come on real big stage.

    Can you explain us how was your experience in “The Voice” Russia? How did it change your life? The Voice has changed all my life. A few months ago I wouldn’t even believe it’s possible. The Voice was a great experience for me as a singer, I learned much and met with a lot of good people and as a result I can do now what I like most. I want to thank all the people who brought The Voice to Russia. I was so very much happy to be part of all this!

    Do you carry any good-luck charm during your performances?
    Nothing in particular. Or rather it may be anything that reminds me of my parents, my family. I will always feel and appreciate they support that means much to me.

    What kind of costume will you wear during your Eurovision performance? What is your favourite fashion style? We have not yet made up our mind about that, but I can say that I like classics in everything, including clothes. My guess is that my costume will reflect feminity, simplicity and informality.

    Do you have any other current project apart from Eurovision?
    No. All my thoughts now are about Eurovision.

    What is your favourite music style?
    I like many of them. Things that matter for me are sense, beauty and quality. If a song has them it’s going to have a long life.

    If you had to choose any of your favourite artists to sing in a duet, who will you choose? There are many artists I would be happy to sing with, to be on one stage. Don’t make me name them all as it’s going to be a very long list. Sting for starters, Adele or Josh Groban… They are so great, so much gifted! Alas I won’t have the chance to meet another Great Singer as she is not with us anymore. She was my idol since childhood. I’m talking about Whitney Houston.

    Do you have any favourite Eurovision song?
    I’m used to watching this contest every year and every year I find numerous true gems. I don’t think this year’s going to be an exclusion from this rule. Eurovision 2013 will introduce many new beautiful songs and grant an ocean of positive emotions to all the people!

    How is a day in your life? What activities do you like doing in your free time?
    These days almost everything I do is a preparation to ESC. I attend rehearsals, discuss details of my stage appearance in Malmo. But when I have a break I’m trying to share it with my family and friends. We spend the time together, go to theaters, cinema etc. My family and friends mean much to me and I always have the time for them.

    What’s your favourite animal? Do you have pets?
    Oh yes! I adore them! I’ve got a dog, cats, aquarium and even chickens on the backyard. I can’t live without them, they make my place a real home. And even if you’re not in the mood for anything they always can cheer you up, to give a feeling of comfort, of home.

    Any message for our readers?
    Thanks for your interest to me. I want the contest this year to become a great music fest and we, singers, will do our best to make it happen! I wish all of you good and I wish good luck to all competitors. Believe in your luck and it’s gonna be with you! Yours sincerely, Dina.

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    GOS JUJYANThe team of oikotimes.com has the pleasure to present you with the interview of Gor Sujyan who will proudly represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

    What were your first feelings and thoughts when the Armenian broadcaster asked you to represent your country at Eurovision? Did you expect it? Well, we were really surprised, as we were not expecting that offer at all. But of course it was really nice to get asked to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2013.

    Could you tell us more about Dorians? What is the origin of the band?
    Our band was founded as a cover band in 2008 and was called “Gor and friends”. At that time we used to play mostly the songs by Led Zeppelin. In half a year we decided to play not only cover songs, but also our songs and decided to change the name of the band from “Gor and friends” to “Dorians”.

    What do you think about the song your country has chosen to be performed at Eurovision? Do you like Lonely Planet? I just love that song. Just in case you don’t know yet, the music of the “Lonely Planet” was written by Tony Iommi – a founding member of the world famous British rock band “Black Sabbath” and a “Guitar God”. It’s a great honor for us to represent our country with the song written by that kind of a true legend.

    Many European countries have already chosen their entries. What is your favorite so far? Which song do you think has more chances of winning? Well, I really don’t know which song has more chances of winning, but I’ll tell you which song I like better. I really like Malta’s entry, and also Italy’s entry.

    What about Armenia at Eurovision? What is in your opinion the best song Armenia has ever sent to ESC? I’ll tell you that I like all of them. But I really want to point out Sirusho’s “Qele-Qele”, the song which was presented in Eurovision 2008, as when I was in Bruges, Belgium, people used to listen to that song in there. I think that’s an outstanding achievement as for Sirusho, as well as for all of us Armenians.

    If you could do a duet with any Eurovision star, who would you choose?
    That’s a tough question! I really don’t know.

    What is your favorite type of music? What kind of songs do you carry in your mp3 or iPod?
    I don’t have just one favorite type of music; I’m fond of rock music, classic, jazz, also for folk music, etc.

    How many European countries have you visited? Have you ever been to Sweden?
    I have never been in Sweden, but I have been in Norway, France, Belgium, also in Netherlands. That’s it.

    What do you do in your free time? Do you practice any sport?
    I enjoy playing different musical instruments during my free time. I also really enjoy cycling.

    If you could be invisible during a day, what would you do?
    Let me think… When I actually become invisible I’ll let you know!

    Can you send a message for our readers?
    Well, dear readers, I hope we won’t disappoint you with our performance!

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    KRISTA SIEGFRIDSThe team of oikotimes.com had the pleasure to interview the Finnish participant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, Krita Siegfrids. A person with lots of positive energy and lots of fun replied to our questions with most funny way. We would like to wish her honestly the very best of luck. Of course you can follow her on Facebook through her official fanpage here.

    How did you decide to take part at Finnish preselection for Eurovision 2013?
    This is a dream come true for me. I have been a big fan of ESC since I was 5 and I have followed it every year. It is the biggest and craziest party in the world and we will make it even bigger and crazier! #TeamDingDong will make Europe go DingDong!

    Could you tell us what new thing can you contribute to Eurovision?
    Happiness and craziness! Fun! The best party! Great show!

    How was the recording of the official videoclip? Any funny anecdote?
    We have made a video and you can see it on kristasiegfrids.com. We’ll film the Eurovision postcard this week in my hometown Kaskinen! It is the smallest town in Finland – really beautiful! You’ll see it at ESC!

    How is a day in the studio, rehearsaling…? What do you do in your free time?
    I have no free time now! It has been absolutely crazy but fun and great! I am making my album, which is released the 10th of May. And preparing for ESC and doing a lot of gigs and promotion too! Great and great fun!

    What is your favourite fashion style? What do you usually wear in a normal day?
    I love to express my self by fashion and clothes. Fashion has to be fun! I always want my stage clothes to be crazy! Haha! If I feel like performing in a huge wedding dress I’ll just do it or if I feel like being sexy in a leather catsuit I’ll wear that. I don’t have any rules… as long as I feel good in the outfit! On a normal day I’m usually wearing something comfortable. A normal spring day in my world is converse shoes, jeans, a blouse and a leatherjacket.

    Some days ago a Spanish TV channel used your song in a TV movie advert? What do you think about it? I thought it was great! I really loved it!

    Can you tell us more about the Team Ding Dong?
    We have this team, #TeamDingDong! We have this ongoing party going on! We have the best parties because we love everybody! Happiness, craziness, open-mindedness and rainbow colours! Everybody is welcome, just join #TeamDingDong! You can do that at Facebook or Twitter! We will make the world go DingDong!

    What is your favourite type of music? Any favourite artist or band?
    I love all kind of music, but my heart beats faster for rock’n’roll and pop music!

    Do you carry any good luck charm during your performances?
    No, I don’t carry any lucky-charms. I quit that in Pree shool. Don’t believe in those kind of things. Hahaha!

    Any favourite among the already selected entries by other countries? Which one you are afraid of?
    There are a lot of great songs and artists in ESC this year. But I think it’s really cool that Bonnie Tyler is representing UK! “I need a hero” is one of my favorite songs and I love her voice!!! I’m honored to be in the same competition as her. I hope I can take a fan-picture with her! Haha! She’s dangerous… but so is #TeamDingDong

    Could you send a message for our fans?
    I loooove you! Keep on ESCalating! MORE is MORE!

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    ANOUKToday TROS presented the song “Birds” with which Anouk will represent The Netherlands in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

    Today at 10:00 CET in Hilversum, a press conference was held to reveal the Dutch entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Singer Anouk caused a huge stir when she announced she would be representing the Netherlands and her song Birds is one of this year’s most awaited due to her previous career as a superstar both at home and abroad.

    Dutch representative at Eurovision 2012 Joan Franka has been there as guest.

    Listen to the song below:

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    ANDRIUS POJAVISLithuanian representative at Eurovision 2013 has given us the chance to be the first posting an exclusive video interview for his fans and Eurovision followers around the world.

    Andrius Pojavis has recorded a exclusive interview wich is premiered below.

    Andrius Pojavis will sing “Something” at Eurovision 2013 after winning the Lithuanian preselection.

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    EL SUENO DE MORFEOThe Spanish representatives at Eurovision 2013 El Sueño de Morfeo just started their tour 2013, a tour wich will include the special concert on the Pullmantur cruise on the way to Mälmo and the Eurovision final on May 18th.

    The tour has started in Castellón city, where El Sueño de Morfeo performed the Eurovision entry “Contigo Hasta el Final”, but not many dates published yet but they have stated that some special Eurovision songs will be performed in the following concerts. The next concert will take place in April in the Spanish city of Vigo, but will they stop in the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam before?

    On the other hand, the band has a new project, a CD with duets with many famous collaborations like Alex Ubago and Pastora Soler (Spain 2012) who performed with them at national final.

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    SOURCE: OIKOTIMES.COMSVT has opened the selection procedure for Junior Eurovision 2013. From March 1st to March 27th childrens aged between 12 and 15 years can submit their entries on the official web site of the broadcaster.

    All submission have to be according to the ebu rules wich can be found here in Swedish language. SVT has its own rule of the age restrictions because they run difficult preparations for the contest that can’t be easy for younger performers.

    Stage 1: On-line Submissions.
    Stage 2: 16 songs will be selected and performes will be called to participate in an audition to take place in Stockholm.
    Stage 3: 8 finalists will be choosen to participate in the television show. They will take part in special singing and dancing boot camp provided by SVT, they will also have studio help to produce the song.
    Stage 4: The national final will take place on early June in Stockholm.
    Stage 5: A professional jury will select the winning entry and entrant who will represent Sweden at Eurovision 2013 in Ukraine.

    The entries must submitt on a form available in SVT web site where you need to register here.

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    RUSSIA FANSRussian broadcaster RTR has opened submissions for their national preselection for Junior Eurovision 2013, Детское “Евровидение-2013″. The national preselection will have three stages, which are as stated below:

    • First Stage (March 1st – May 1st 2013): Regional castings (by regional broadcasters).
    • Second Stage (May 2013): a professional jury will choose 20 singers and songs from the qualifiers of the regional castings. The names of the songs titles and performers will be published on the official RTR web site.
    • Third stage (June 2013): Russian national final will take place, where 20 songs will be performed and the winning song will represent Russia at Junior Eurovision 2013. The winner or the preselection is obligued to give the broadcaster the rights for the song and performance, also to sing a contract with the broadcasted for the next three years.

    Songs submitted must abide by the following rules:

    • Not be public until May.
    • Minimun 2.32 and maximum 2.45 minutes of duration. European pop with Russian traditional sounds and elements.
    • Song must have at least a part in Russian laguage. A 25% in English is allowed.
    • Age interval 10-15 years old (also for the dancers of the performance).
    • The composer of the song must be the singer or a person who appears on stage during the performance.
    • During the performance at national final the songs will be performed live with recorded musical accompaniment without voices.
    • No more than six people on stage.
    • The performers have to have Russian nationality or have been living there at least two years.

    The winner will be selected via a mix of jury votes (5 memebers) and televote. The official television advert, documents and submissions can by found on the official site of the broadcaster.

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      I miss Lerika :(

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    Femke, who represented The Netherlands at Eurovision 2012 will release a new single called “Dan Kies ik Voor Jou”.

    The official video clip for the song has been released this morning on Femke’s Youtube channel but It is only available in Dutch territory. The song is also available to purchase on i-tunes by clicking here.

    In the meantime you can hear a snippet of the song wich has been published on Femke’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

    Femke represented The Netherlands at Eurovision 2012 with the song “Tik Tak Tik”, she came 7th with 69 points.

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    KLAPA S MORAThe 2013 Eurovision representatives of Croatia spoke to oikotimes.com about the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and their song.


    When did you receive the proposal to represent Croatia at Eurovision in Mälmo? What were your first thoughts and feelings After the selection of a klapa-style pop song in a competition held in mid-January by HRT (Croatian Radiotelevision), the choosing of singers got under way. Mr Mojmir Čačija, the klapa vocal producer, picked out the six of us from the great number of klapa singers in Croatia. Naturally, that’s an offer one can’t refuse, so we’re all very happy to be chosen and to be able to show what we can do on the European stage.

    Why have you decided to support klapa instead of a modern tune?
    That’s not the right question. Klapa singing really is a traditional way of performing songs, but we aren’t performing in the original way, a cappella, but rather with a modern contemporary arrangement. Our song joins together both tradition and a modern sound.

    Tell us more about the group, when was it created? What is the origin of the ensemble? We didn’t exist as a group beforehand. We all sing in our klapas or groups, but specially for Eurovision we’ve become “Klapa s mora” (“the Klapa from the Sea”).

    Do you agree about music styles? What are your favourite artists?
    Well, we all like klapa music, pop music from Dalmatia, and two of us are opera lovers. Our musical tastes were more varied in our youth, when there was a rocker and a fan of heavy metal among us…

    Do you play any instrument?
    Leon learned piano at elementary school. The rest of us don’t play an instrument.

    Have you sung in any other band before joining to Super Klapa?
    Not only have we sung, but we still do sing in our own klapas. Marko and Nikša sing in Kampanel, Ante in Klapa Sinj, Leon in Klapa Niko, Ivica in Klapa Sebenico and Bojan in Grdelin.

    Could you tell us how is a day together? How do you spend your free time between recordings and rehearsals? We all knew each other beforehand, at least by sight, so we spend our free time together talking, joking and, most of all, singing… We love singing so much that even in moments of relaxation we sing.

    What is your top song Croatia ever sent to eurovision so far?
    “Vukovi umiru sami” (“Wolves die alone”) by Boris Novković, Doris Dragović’s “Marija Magdalena” (“Mary Magdalene”), ENI’s “Probudi me” (“Wake me up”)… Well, there have been lots of good songs.

    Do you think Zagreb is ready to host a Eurovision event if you win?
    We believe it is!

    Do you have fans? What was the most extreme reaction a fan had on any of you?
    We love the reaction to the song. When a fan says that the song is good, or even the best of all that have represented Croatia in recent years, that really makes us happy.

    We know some of you are athletes, how can athletics and music are combined?
    Both sport and music actually relax the body and enrich the soul… You often do them both in the company of friends and in free time.

    Could you send a message for our readers?
    Sing along with us and cheer for us! Songs have no language or borders; they connect us.

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    The night begins early for the Eurofans as in Armenia the song selection starts at 18:30 CET and will be streamed by the official Eurovision web TV the link of which can be found here. Four songs will be presented for Gor Sujyan and the viewers will decide the Eurovision 2013 entry in combination with a jury voting. More than 70 proposal submitted to ARMTV this year from various countries across Europe.

    The Armenian final just start!

    The TV presenters Gohar Gasparyan and Avet Barseghyan (JESC 2011 hosts) are explaining the procedure to choose the Armenian song this night (jury and public vote).

    • 1. The Truth

    Dorians just perform the first song this night, It is called “The Truth”, a rock ballad with some tempo changes, not very special but Gor’s voice is not bad at all. The sound of the broadcasting is not so good but perhaps could be an interesting choice for Eurovision. Second song coming soon…

    • 2. No Time

    After a little video-biography of Dorians Band they have performed the second song: “No Time”. A powerful rock song that could do well at Eurovision with the right stagging. Gor’s voice has fitted much better with this song.

    • 3. Toy Planet

    ARMTV has broadcasted a special video with the song Euphoria showing some shoots of the hosting city Mälmo. After It, Dorians have performed the third song “Toy Planet”, a another rock ballad quite interesting. Despite Gor’s voice is powerful, It is not so nice for these kind of songs.

    • 4. Lonely Planet

    Armenia is presenting each song with special videos. This has been the turn for a review of the Eurovision events in Armenia like the Junior Eurovision 2011 edition together with some past Armenian representatives. The song “Lonely Planet” is another pop rock, very powerful and with a nice message, perhaps one of the best in this final.

    The public votes have been opened, the Armenian people can vote by SMS and the results with join to the ones decided by a professional jury.

    It is time for the guest of the show, the first ones are Dalita Avanessian (JESC 2011, 5th place) and Compass Band (JESC 2012. 3rd place) feat a tradition instrument player; they have performed Sweetie Babby, Armenian song at Junior Eurovision 2012.

    The public voting has finished!

    Maltese representative at Eurovision 2013 Gianluca Bezzina is performing his song “Tomorrow” as guest but he is not the only Eurovision guest, Georgian representatives will be performing in a few minutes.

    Nodi & Sophi are on stage performing Waterfal wich was presented the last weekend, It is composed by Thomas G:sson, composer of many Eurovision hits like Euphoria.

    It is time for the results!

    Gor Sujyan & Dorians will represent Armenia with “Lonely Planet”.

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    EL SUENO DE MORFEOThe Band el Sueño de Morfeo will be representing Spain at the final of Eurovision 2013 to take place on May 18th. The famous Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” has told that the members will travel to Mälmo in a cruise. They will take part in a special cruise across the Mediterranean and Baltic sea taking the boat on May 9th from Hambourg (Germany) to arrive in Mälmo for the contest on May 11st. They will perform in the boat the day before their arrival.

    This cruise will start on May 3rd in the city of La Coruña (Spain), It will continue to Bilbao (Spain), to Hambourg and Mälmo. It said that other Spanish representatives will take another cruise in the city of Mälmo to Tallin (Estonia). The people who get those cruises will get this as a “surprise” together with the winners of the five cruises raffled by Spanish TV during the song selection, awareded among the people who voted in the televoting time.

    Due the financial situation, this year Spanish broadcasted TVE and Warner Music Spain have got the sponsor of the Cruises’ company Pullmantur to pay the expenses of the Spanish participation at Eurovision. The song selection last Tuesday was already sponsored by Pullmantur and the previous shows to take place before the final of Eurovision 2013 will be sponsored by this company.

    El Sueño de Morfeo will perform “Contigo Hasta el Final” at the final of Eurovision 2013.

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    IVI ADAMOUCypriot representative at Eurovision 2012 Ivi Adamous just release an advert for her upcoming new collaboration with the Spanish Dj Marsal Ventura titled “Time to Love”.

    As we know, Ivi Adamou has becoming very famous among the Spanish fans of disco music after Eurovision 2012 with her song La La Love; she travelled to Spain the last year when she met her fans.

    Dj Marsal Ventura, who started playing La La Love in Spain, is a famous Spanish deejay, composer, producer and radio host (Flaix FM).

    The track will be coming in exclusive at Flaix FM on 27th of February in Spain and will be available on 5th of March on YouTube & Stores.

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