• Stephen Podesta 4 years ago

    Dami im is the best choice, fresh, wonderful talent with Amazing Vocals, and so Gorgeous, there is no one else that should represent Australia Multi culturism.

  • damiarmy 4 years ago

    Dami Im is the obvious choice to represent this great Southern Land in Eurovision 2015 in Vienna!!

  • Jan Korek 4 years ago

    Dami Im. That’s all there is to say. Dami Im.

  • Tommy Leung 4 years ago

    Fingers crossed i hope Dami Im gets chosen for Eurovision Australia.

  • Brenda Lee 4 years ago

    Dami Im! She’s so versatile, talented, entertaining, down-to-earth and has a huge range! She’s the Voice!

  • Kim Teoh 4 years ago

    Dami Im is a very talented singer and song writer. As Danni said, “The moment she starts to sing she will hold you captive till the end”. This is how good she is and I believe she will capture the hearts of Europe just like she did in Australia. Dami should represent Australia.

  • Saw Samuel 4 years ago

    Dami Im ….Dami…. Dami….Dami Im is the best choice for Eurovision 2015 for OZ

  • John Brewton 4 years ago

    Dami Im is the best female vocalist to represent Australia at Eurovision! Her grace and poise combined with her mesmerizing and captivating voice would completely enchant and awe the audiences of Eurovision. Dami Im should be Australia’s representative!

  • Linh Tran 4 years ago

    Dami should represent Australia for Eurovision 2015. she has a beautiful, powerful voice and she can sing various type of songs. She is also an ambassador for multicultural in Australia. Her performance has won hearts of many people from various background. I truly believe she should be given this opportunity and she will make Australia proud.

  • John Barbara 4 years ago

    Dami im must be chosen to represent Australia. Dami Im has a magnificent voice that transends all boundaries , she appeals to young and old with her powerful vocals and incredible range. Her personaility is second to none and would make such a graet ambassador for multicultrual Australia.

  • Stephen Podesta 4 years ago

    Dami im must be chosen to represent Australia, she is a fresh new Talent with incredible vocals and a Beautiful girl inside and out, no one would give there all but Dami im.

  • Rich Sartor VIII 4 years ago

    Being an unbiased Kiwi & only discovered Dami Im by accident on YT but was instantly hooked by her 1st Live Show performance & watched the rest of the season online just to see her performances as the show wasn’t aired here in NZ,I believe she is the best candidate for this contest.

  • Jeremy Northam 4 years ago

    Dami Im has the musical abilities, the stage presence to stand proud on the Eurovision stage and do Australia proud. Her amazing vocal and humble personality will win over the fans once they hear her sings. The choice is clear, Dami should be the artist to represent Australia in ESC 2015.

  • Liza Nolie 4 years ago

    This is a good opportunity for Australia to compete & will try to win the Eurovision 2015. This is only going to happen if you will send someone who will be the best among the Best & pls dont look farther for the right person …SEND DAMI IM. She has been incredible successful in Australia & has received Multi awards. Regarding for recogition,Dami Im has been represented Australia In ABU Song Festival ( massive success)and She has been invited by Australian Embassy to do such amazing performanced to celebrate the Australia Day Internationally

  • Alexander K Low 4 years ago

    dami would be the best choice for Australia I think… Australia must give her the chance to get exposure to European audiences. one of the most hardworking, inspiring and talented women I’ve had the pleasure to hear and see on television and the radio is dami im

  • Gem Noble 4 years ago

    I want Australia to win.. so I want Dami to sing!!! #Dami4Euro

  • Linda Garcia 4 years ago

    Europe will fall in love with Dami Im if given the opportunity to perform @ Eurovision 2015.

  • Bob Koch 4 years ago

    Without a doubt, Dami Im should represent Australia at Eurovision 2015! With her beautiful and powerful voice, wonderful stage presence and endearing personality, she could wow any audience, on any stage, anywhere in the world!!

  • Donato Innocente 4 years ago

    why send Dami Eurovision Song Contest? Just hear her sing in my opinion has great potential and it is only then, in Australia when he won the edition of X Factor beating concurrency won all twelve episodes (I think it never happened for a transmission singing around the world) ilconsenso achieved was huge and I think Dami can have the same result by participating in Eurovision

  • Michael Myrt 4 years ago

    For a song of 3 minutes LIVE, to represent Australia, in an International Competition, there is only ONE name that stands out DAMI IM. Proven as a competitor under pressure (11 standing ovations in 14 songs, through her X Factor Journey) The most powerful voice in Australia (X Factor 2013, Xmas Carols 2013 & 2014, StartKing) Plus the “Success Story” of Multiculturalism in Australia. Are facts that will be impossible to ignore.

  • Linda Garcia 4 years ago

    Don’t think you will find a better (and available) voice to represent AU ine Eurovision 2015 than Dami Im. This lady certainly has the WoW-Factor and can tear down the house. Dami can bring it home!! #DamiIm for #SBSAustralia #Eurovision2015

  • Paul Buelens 4 years ago

    For Australia’s sake and for the Eurovision audience sake, I hope the selectors choose Dami Im. Hearing this angel sing is an experience everyone should have have at least once in their live. Her powerful vocals, together with her humble and endearing personality wins the audience wherever she performs. Dami hold the record for the most standing ovations on any talent show and really is the most awesome singer the world has yet to discover ♥

  • Macky Marc 4 years ago

    I hope Dami Im gets chosen to represent Australia. Perfect pitch, powerful voice, great stage presence, wears any stage costume with flair and performs with exuberance. Audience will be captivated for sure.

  • Terry Dolling 4 years ago

    I want Dami Im to represent Australia at Eurovision 2015. Dami has the training (Masters Degree) and vocal range and ability to represent Australia in an epic way. I believe that Dami will highlight the multicultural successes of Australia and the audience will find this unique, interesting, and memorable. Dami also represents the best virtues of Australians through her appealing personality and her charitable commitments. She is an Ideal and proven ambassador of Arts and Culture, and always delivers.

  • Christopher A. H. Groves 4 years ago

    For Australia to have any chance at all on the World Stage of the Eurovision Song Contest there can only be one logical choice, Dami Im. She has the most wonderful pure strong voice that can reach and move an audience of any age or nationality like no other. She is Australia’s own Super Star.

  • Debbie de Silva 4 years ago

    Dami has the class, the presence and the voice to do well. She is also fresh. Hope it
    is her.

  • Tom Foster 4 years ago

    I’m strongly biased towards Dami, and personally I think she is the best choice… if she doesn’t get this opportunity… at least Dami’s name has been put out their in a positive way by a lot of passionate fans.

  • Jan L Henryon 4 years ago

    I would love to see Dami Im represent Australia. Her powerful vocals, impressive stage presence and beautiful personality would leave a lasting positive impression on the viewers, There is a long list of credentials and qualities that Dami has to offer… She could win this contest and would definitely make Australia proud no matter what.

  • Stephen Podesta 4 years ago

    Dami im is our best choice for Eurovision 2015 , it s important to support up and coming Talent and Dami im is amazing.

  • Martín Andres 4 years ago

    Go dami to represent OZ this year and win this #SBSEurovision #Eurovision #Eurovision2015 #DamiIm

  • ♥Dami Im♥ ►ARMY◄ (@Damiim_Army) 4 years ago

    Dami’s name is really mentioned in blogs,news,forums,(Twitter/facebook/youtube)ETc even she said something about Eurovision and fans,dami’s voice is just amazing! :) Dami Im for EUROVISION 2015!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • beccaboo1212 4 years ago

    Sia should definitely sing for Australia! She has a really good voice :)