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With Playpik Software and Electronics Co. Ltd. and Pvision, we provide you with the opportunity to experience augmented reality in your corporate business. We offer a management console for your business through their service and solution partnership. Once they provide you with an ID and password, this console serves as an interface, enabling you to create augmented reality images by using your mobile camera to see the real world.


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Playpik, we are working to optimize the technological developments of the era and the dynamics of your company policy with the software we have developed with iot technology inspired by the metaverse world. In this context, with the application we call Pvision, we enable you to create an augmented reality experience in your product and service portfolio in your business.

it offers companies and customers a wide range of consultancy services to solution partnerships. Small and local businesses as well as corporate companies We aim to create an Augmented Reality experience in their businesses..

Here Playpik.

An innovative Startup Software Initiative that changes the future. Welcome! in 2021 We are an established company. In the past, we developed custom web solutions, Mobile applications and With our know-how in creating complex image algorithms, Metaverse and Inspired by the world of IoT, we established Playpik Software and Electronic Commerce Corp.Ltd in 2021. We are a team committed, disciplined, high-aware and visionary company with similar ideas. The software we created has a wide range of usage in many sectors. We aim to create innovation by foreseeing that it will have


Corporate companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Ups, which have reached an international commercial portfolio, continue to invest in augmented reality. Thanks to the developing computer technologies and processing speeds in today’s conjuncture, new ecosystems are emerging that will increase their prestige and optimize their service and working dynamics for companies that follow the agenda and are always open to innovative developments. The QR (Quick Response) codes that we have seen around us have now been replaced by the next cornerstone, IOT, and the technologies we call Metaverse, where the real world and the virtual world merge. And MetaVerse, a virtual world where objects have a commodity value, was brought to life by Facebook. All these have revealed the Terminology called the Internet of Things, which we call IOT. In an ecosystem where the era has developed in a virtual world, staying up- to-date and functional has a significant impact.

  • 1Ecosystem and Changing World

In the age of rapidly changing industry dynamics and ever-evolving technology, you should be able to follow the variables in the ecosystem successfully and update your current company policy and strategy in line with this conjuncture. The innovation you achieve will provide you with the status of being a pioneer and rule maker in the sector.

  • 2Innovation and Opportunity

Every innovation brings opportunities. While reflecting the service we provide to you as Pvision, your own brand prestige and corporate identity, you can also create a network by placing intros or small banners in your videos, providing advertising and marketing links.


•Menu: You can guide the production phase of your products in your establishment’s menu with the products that you present to your customers in an appetizing way with a visual difference.


•Magazine: By visualizing the specific products used in daily life that you produce in your business with an innovative approach, you can increase product and usage awareness and optimize your company’s brand prestige in the market against competitors in national and international markets.


•Catalog: You can present the details of the application process of the medical applications you have applied in your outpatient clinics to help your visitors gain awareness.


•Brochure: You can present the effects and results of the procedures you have applied in your medical and cosmetic aesthetic centers with a visual richness.

AR Service

In line with the current customer policy of your business, we evaluate with you to integrate our software with your current conjuncture in order to provide high-level innovation. We increase your awareness of our sophisticated technology by showing opportunities and potentials.