Are There Affordable Paternity Testing Sites in my Neighborhood?

At one time, determining a child’s paternity was a complicated process that involved intrusive blood tests and several weeks of lab analysis. Also, the accuracy of results might have been questionable, as the tests didn’t involve definitive DNA markers. 

Now, there are paternity tests that are available through direct order or on store shelves that use methods of noninvasive collection, like cheek swabs, and the outcome only takes a couple of days to obtain. A court may order more advanced testing for paternity or custody proceedings, but at-home paternity tests may offer discreet answers, in conjunction with peace of mind, click here to learn more about at-home paternity tests.

Paternity testing near me: Recommended paternity tests 

Are you wondering “Is there any paternity testing near me?” Well, you can find the following on Amazon no matter what neighborhood you live in, and even better, they’re all affordable!

My Forever DNA:

  • Other paternity tests may determine fatherhood, but My Forever DNA’s advanced DNA-profiling paternity kit offers a huge amount of extra genetic details. 
  • It is 99.99% accurate. Private results within 3 days. Great customer service, direct communication with knowledgeable representatives. It has an accredited lab based in the United States.


  • STK’s paternity test kit is a low-cost alternative providing basically the same DNA profile as all of the other higher-end variants. 
  • A secure outcome may be accessed on the internet. Laboratory is accredited and ISO compliant. It tests for sixteen DNA markers.

DNA Direct:

  • This affordable home test is able to offer reliable paternity results within a couple of days, however, it isn’t legally admissible in court. 
  • Affordable price, with shipping costs included. Available advanced testing for legal purposes. Confidential door-to-door delivery.

Factors to consider when selecting paternity tests

Accuracy of results

The majority of DNA-based testing is considered reliable due to their scientific nature. Paternity testing compares genetic markers of the alleged father with the ones of the child, and the outcome is determined by non-matches or matches. But various DNA-test manufacturers utilize various numbers of markers. 

Time to process at lab

Samples of DNA that are collected from the alleged father and the child have to be delivered to an outside laboratory for processing. The majority of manufacturers estimate a turnaround time of 3 – 5 business days; however, this mainly depends upon the volume of tests that are waiting to be analyzed. 

The sample methodology

Modern DNA paternity tests don’t require blood samples or additional invasive processes from either the alleged father or the child. The kits usually instead include sterile swabs utilized to collect saliva and skin cells from a donor’s inner cheeks. The process is fairly pain-free and may be done on a newborn if needed. There are a few DNA tests requiring saliva samples, which aren’t as convenient to obtain from younger children. Cheek scrapings should securely be stored, correctly labeled, and delivered to a laboratory inside approved containers.

Home paternity tests oftentimes claim close to 100 percent accuracy, and they’ll use precisely the same genetic markers to discover kinship as tests done by law enforcement authorities. A child may be tested right after birth, and in some situations, a relative of the alleged father also can be tested for familial markers.