• Gabriela Sas 5 years ago

    Sagheer786 you better ask if you don’t know!Natalia IS ROMANIAN BY BIRTH! she was born in a romanian familly in R.Moldova!and now she is a romanian citizen as well!she lives and works in Romania ,she is maried with a romanian .Discrimination ,is out of question!She was ill last night and her performance was not good!

  • sagheer786 5 years ago

    really hope this is the year romania fail in eurovision big time for this stupid choice

  • sagheer786 5 years ago

    the FACT is that if Natalia took part in the moldovan sleection and sang this song she would have won hands down but obviusly she didnt want to because of the moldovan rules change. Romanians would never want her to win and the Jurys didnt like her not because of her voice but because she isnt ROMANIAN born.

  • sagheer786 5 years ago

    absolutley shocked that Natalia abrbu didnt qualify to the final. she desrevd to win the whole thing and this is just ridiculous when some of the acts that have qualified tonight have not been to the standard that she has.

  • milandartanjan 5 years ago

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