Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece)

This passion begins in 1984, in 1996 I established oikotimes as a printed pamphlet and in 2001 as a website turned eventually into Eurovision. The best thing happened is that I got to know some great friends.


  • Sophia Demetra Giakoumatos 5 years ago

    Well, this is better than what Greece is most likely going to end up sending this year … I just love how a country can want to send something as stupid as “Alcohol is Free” when there are better, higher quality options, like “Angel” for instance.

  • Loucas A. Louca 5 years ago

    i couldnt agree more with you my friend sagheer… a personal taste becomes a headtitle, and we think, and we believe… My friend Fotis, objectivity is something a person who has a website must have first of all… and i am afraid you are very far away from having it… change the name of this site to

  • Loucas A. Louca 5 years ago

    i personally love this song, and dunno why a personal opinion of you my friend, suddenly becomes the entire website’s opinion, and you are so sure we will not make it to the final!! maybe we will, maybe we will not, one is for sure, she has an amazing voice, a very nice song, and i would love if you could say your opinion on a more personal level… thank you lucas

  • Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Greece 5 years ago

    I think it’s simply disappointing after the huge effort last year. I expected by far more from the island of Aphrodite

  • sagheer786 5 years ago

    i personally really like this entry and do feel it should do weel particularly with the juries. it is classy and not kitsch camp. eurovision has moved on from that and it is evident from loreens victory last year and the quality of good strong vocal songs and not bad off key songs. the fact taht its being downsized is also good. well done sweden and may eurovision continue for many many years

  • sagheer786 5 years ago

    what kind of website is this. you cant be so engative about a entry and say that the feeling is that its not going to make the finla. OIKOTIMES need to stop being so biased and actually focus on the music and not their personla bloody opinions. making a mockery out of eurovision disgusting

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