Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece)

This passion begins in 1984, in 1996 I established oikotimes as a printed pamphlet and in 2001 as a website turned eventually into Eurovision. The best thing happened is that I got to know some great friends.


  • Klaas Melchin 4 years ago

    Maybe Greece is taking part in 2014?

  • Klaas Melchin 4 years ago

    I think someone was just bored and woke up this morning and thought “Oh I could make a new scandal today”. Haha next time a better one.

  • Cortes Sebastian 4 years ago

    I think I must be deaf as well. Very serious news here and what a BIG Scandal! lol

  • John Andrews (@jabbandy) 4 years ago

    Sounds nothing like it to me. Sounds more like alleging a scandal just for the sake of it.

  • Cortes Sebastian 4 years ago

    Be a bit more professional if u write comments. You said to Samuel that he is “deaf”. To insult your readers is not professional at all don’t you think? But that shows us that criticism is not allowed on your site.

  • Cortes Sebastian 4 years ago

    So where is the scandal? To make something up about Germany just because all greek people are upset? Is that the scandal? This website starts more and more to make negative propaganda.

    • Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Greece 4 years ago

      Lol.. dear Cortes before you imply Greek empathy against Germany read my TEXTS for the German entry and rehearsals in Malmoe! You are absolutely rediculous hahahahaha

  • Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Greece 4 years ago

    Samuel I am sorry but you are deaf and biased (at least) and as we say in Greece “ασε μας κουκλιτσα μου που δεν υπαρχει θέμα” hahahahahaha

  • Samuel Deakin 4 years ago

    They’re nothing alike. Why can’t people just leave Cascada’s entry be – everyone’s fishing for a story that doesn’t exist!

  • Σταύρος Κατημερτζόγλου 4 years ago

    OH! This is a scandal!!!

  • Frederic Vercaemst 4 years ago

    They already know the German song for 2014? LOL

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