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  • Olga Period 5 years ago

    Hold ME!!! Farid is the best one!!!

  • Žarko Rađenović (@Zarko_R) 5 years ago

    Great ballade! lovely words! Go Farid!

  • Anastasiya Kravchenko 5 years ago

    yes! Farid is hotter than the sun itselfs – like this sentence!!)

  • Alezandra Golubeva (@aleksptiz) 5 years ago

    Farid’s stage presense in INTENCE! I could watch him for ages, I hope he wins!

  • Violetta Ivanova 5 years ago

    Farid was the best twice for today – in the first and second semi-finals. He will be the best in final, It’s obviously.

  • melfest13 (@melfest13) 5 years ago

    I only liked Azerbaijan and Norway in the Second Semi. I’m gonna vote for them in the Final!!

  • Vlad Eugen 5 years ago

    Farid was so good during the semi-final. I enjoyed his performance so much and not only me, but I also my entire family. 12 points to Azerbaijan! It truly deserves the victory!

  • Dasha Ka (@Kroshka_Ka) 5 years ago

    + 1 voice for Azerbaijan!!! “You’re simply the best”:):):)

  • Jennie Di Centa 5 years ago

    Good job, Farid! True hero!

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