COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – The first round of rehearsals include the Meet & Greet session with the participating artists after their performance on stage. We took videos and photo of them, trying to adjust our equipment to the settings.

Armenia was the first to talk to the press saying how happy he is to open the Eurovision Song Contest despite the stress of been the first to kick off the entire event this year. He also talked about his part as a comedian and singer at the same time.

Latvian representatives Aarzemnienki are happy and enthusiastic with the crowd and they got intimate with the media and press representatives. No stress at all for the team of Latvia this year (they seem to know they will not even qualify)

Tanja from Estonia was all alone at the Meet & Greet after her first rehearsal on stage. She was asked how she can sing and dance at the same time and she told, that she has practiced this for years now. She was also asked if she liked to sing or dance the most and she answered: I like to perform!

One of this year’s favorites, Sweden’s Sanna Nielsen, met the press at the Meet & Greet where she was asked why the lyrics have changed since the Swedish final Melodifestivalen. She told that the songwriters wanted the song to be as clear as possible. Christer Björkman was asked if Sweden will host next year’s contest if they win and of course they will, he said, even though he is not in charge of the money.

The Icelandic entry “No Prejudice” by Pollapönk celebrates diversity and the song should help to eliminate all forms of discrimination. The guys from Iceland delivers the message with colours and at the press center they entertained with their song.

Hersi from Albania met the press at the Meet & Greet after her first rehearsal in B&W Hallerne. She told that her song is about anger in relationships and she said that she can get really angry and often she keeps the anger in her. She was asked if she could sing classical music and Hersi quickly began to sing opera. She can both do classic and rock indeed!

The Russian twins Tolmachevy Sisters will represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. After their first rehearsal they attended a press meet & greet where they talked about their song and about their team behind the song. The sisters were asked about the recent crisis in Russia but they said that the Eurovision is not a political contest and the press meeting is not political.

Maria from Ukraine will sing Tick Tock at Eurovision 2014. At her Meet & Greet she talked about her father as a mentor and role model and she was asked about the chemistry between her and the dancer she is bringing on stage.

Dilara Kazimova will sing for Azerbaijan this year and the recent years Azerbaijan has been doing very well, but Dilara does only think of her performance and not about the ones before 2014. She was asked why Azerbaijan have so many Swedish songwriters and why not some local, but she said that the song has roots in Azerbaijan and the music is local.

Belgium’s Axel is singing the song “Mother” in Copenhagen and during his Meet & Greet he talked about his performance and the fact that he is the first from the Valloon part of Belgium to represent Flandern and he is very proud that he has the whole country’s support

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