NEW YORK CITY (NY), UNITED STATES – It was the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 the last time we saw Annet Artani active in Greece as she represented Cyprus in the Athens edition. Few months later Annet left the country and moved to the US. Why did this happen?

Annet Artani spoke to Star Channel’s “MIA” show and revealed that she was abused by her boyfriend back then. She revealed that the abuse was so hard she even got hit her head on the walls. Pathological jealousy, physical and verbal bulling made her life a living hell for years, especially when her career boosted in Greece. “I was trying for two years to leave but deep down I loved hum and didn’t wanna go. I was ashamed because anyone could see the physical signs on my body”, says Annet.

“He raised his hand, the neighbours, who were living in the upper floor – thank God – called the police. I felt down and eventually went to the hospital feeling ashamed to go to the police […] I broke my head and lost lots of my hair. The first time was when he pushed me in the elevator while his best friend was along”, concludes Annet.

She left the country without saying “goodbye” to anyone as she was in serious depression. Few years ago she released the song “Alive” which is a direct message to all abused women.