A couple days ago, this year French representative, Anggun gave an interview to Mishal Husain on BBC World News. They talked about her starts, family, artistic soul and many other things. She said that her father, a book writer, found her talent and that she was surrounded with a lot of artist, friends of her parents.

Anggun is also saying how it was for her when she left Jakarta and flew to London at age of 20. She also said that she was living in hotels, that she counted every penny that she had when she was in London. Then she decided that she maybe should go to the Netherlands, where a lot of Indonesians are living, but she first flew to Paris and planned to stay there for a weekend, than one whole week, and that extended to seven years.

Also, there is a part of this show, where through a video message a friend or colleauge tells to viewers about him/her. This time, French tenor, Roberto Alagna talked about Anggun.

Although Anggun would finish last if televoting was counted only, she is the first Indonesian artist to top European charts. Beside that, Anggun is also UN Goodwill Ambasador. You can watch whole interview with Anggun below.