“Amazing Azerbaijan” a political film relating to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest will be screened today in Dublin. The film reveals what went on behind the glitz and glamour of the song contest in Baku where many have complained of human rights abuses and political oppression.

The film makers say, “The irony of the country’s evident wealth on offer for all to see at the Eurovision was the fact that it also drew attention to some of the means allegedly used to achieve it. In the build-up to the Eurovision a growing activist campaign claimed that the tens of millions spent, were a smokescreen to deflect attention from the government’s dire human rights record”.

The movie was made in Azerbaijan in the run up to the 2012 event. It also includes an interview with the 2012 winner Loreen which made headlines for criticising the political situation in the country. The movie has received support from an outreach organisationin in the UK called BRITDOC.