PARIS, FRANCE – French entrant Amaury Vassili had a night to remember yesterday in Paris. Because he was smoking weed, had 20g of hashish in his pockets and was rather drank, the 24-year-old opera singer was arrested and taken to custody by national police.

As soon as he was realeased earlier today, Amaury declared on his Twitter account that he was “surprised by the magnitude of a simple ID controle, but that it’s true he was smoking illegal cigarette”. The singer finished with sincere apologies.

Later this evening, in a very popular TV show called “Touche pas A Mon Poste” on the D8 channel, his producer Gรฉrard Louvin declared that Amaury was just fine now and that this whole story was no big deal after all. No comment…

special thanks to Olivier Rocher (France)