Airport Parking vs. Ride-Sharing: Which One Should You Choose

Getting to the airport on time is important. Despite what you see in the movies, airports take security and punctuality very seriously. If you’re not there when you should be you’re likely to miss your flight.

This makes it important to consider the right option to get you to the airport.

Airport Parking

For many people, this is the obvious choice. After all, airports have huge parking areas, the cost is reasonable, and they have security that will keep an eye on your car. In fact, you may even be offered a space in conjunction with your flight or vacation, making it seem like the best choice.

Airport parking is not usually the cheapest option but it does guarantee you a space and gives you the freedom to arrive when you want. Of course, your space will need to be paid for in advance and you’ll have an allotted time limit.

To increase your flexibility and reduce costs you should consider renting a space at the airport. You can click here to find out more about the available options. It’s also a great option if you are a regular visitor to the airport.

In short, choosing to drive and use airport parking ensures you’re in control of the process. Regular shuttles will get you from the parking space to the terminal in moments, allowing you to relax and enjoy the trip.

Ride Sharing

Ride sharing is generally cheaper as you don’t need to pay for paring. You can also be dropped off outside the terminal, saving precious moments when you’re in a rush.

However, the biggest issue with ride sharing is that you’re at the mercy of someone else. If they are driving you then you are relying on them to pick you up on time and take the best route to the airport. They may not drive in the style you like which could be a particular issue if time is running tight and you’re hitting traffic.

Providing you have enough time, ride sharing can be a pleasant way to get to the airport.

Of course, ride sharing also means you’ll be able to leave your vehicle at home. This may make it feel safer. After all, it’s presumably at less risk on your driveway than in an airport car park.

However, if it’s obvious you’re away then you’re car may become a target. It’s less likely but still possible if your car is in your garage.

The Best Solution

To ensure you have peace of mind and your car is safe you’re better off adopting the rent-a-space approach. You have the freedom to arrive when you want and the space is more likely to be protected and your car looked after.

This isn’t just an option for those who fly regularly. You’ll find that you can save money and reduce stress even if you’re renting a space just for a few weeks. You may not have considered this option before but it’s time you did.