A video that is just exploding in Albania at the moment with nearly 500,000 views in just a few days. Adrian Gaxha’s “Ngjyra e Kuqe” is notable for two reasons. First, the production value is high for an Albanian clip. Second, the song features on the hook a male child instead of a vampy vixen. Yes, Floriani is a child! Is this a future music trend? Not sure, but at least it’s different.

Adrian Gaxha is a FYR Macedonian pop musician of Albanian ethnicity. He started playing the viola at an early age and also graduated from a Music High School. He is currently studying English language in Skopje.

He represented FYR Macedonia in Eurovision Song Contest 2008, performing the English language version of the song “Vo Ime Na Ljubovta” along with Tamara Todevska and Rade Vrčakovski. In 2006, he finished second at the FYR Macedonian national preselection for Eurovision, singing the song “Ljubov e” with Esma Redzepova.