Action Movies That Are Worth Watching

Img Source - IMDB

Everybody likes movies that get their blood pumping and keep them excited the whole way through. Here are some incredible action movies that you might not know about.


You’ve seen Olga Kurylenko in Black Widow and Quantum of Solace, but she rarely gets to headline her own action movie, says Sentinelle is her opportunity to do just that, and this French action film follows the story of an army interpreter who has a traumatizing encounter in war torn Syria. When she goes home afterwards, she is suffering from PTSD. The film follows her attempts to cope with how her life and her mind have changed, and all the while she is caught up in an action plot that keeps twisting and becoming more intense and complex as the film goes on.

This is a great opportunity for Olga to shine on her own, out from under the bright spotlight cast by some of the bigger actors she usually works with. Sentinelle may have gone under a lot of people’s radars last year, but it is worth checking out on Netflix for a great action movie with solid performances.

Godzilla VS Kong

This was one of the first movies to make big bucks during the pandemic, and if you slept on it, you’ve missed out on some of the most incredible set pieces from the last decade, says Fandom. If you felt like the first Godzilla movie in the new series was too subdued but you loved the monster fights of the second one, you’ll enjoy the all-out action and Godzilla VS Kong. The two monsters go at it throughout the movie, and it’s a title that definitely lives up to its name. Even the human characters are interesting this time, with plenty of funny insights and some great performances from actors like Eiza Gonzalez, Milly Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, and Alexander Skarsgard. It’s an all-star cast, but there is plenty of monster action to be had, including some monstrous surprises. If you have gone this long without anyone spoiling the movie for you, you are in for a treat in the final act.

Ninjai: The Little Ninja

This is a movie that hasn’t been released yet, but we’re really excited about Ninjai. It’s an animated family adventure about a boy who has lost his memory. He can’t even remember his name, and he’ll get some help from some funny and cute friends as he embarks on an journey across beautiful vistas. The movie promises fantastic and stylish ninja action, so kung-fu fans should definitely take a look to see the amazing action choreography on this film.

Ninjai is set to be one of the most visually stunning action movies this year, perhaps establishing a new animation powerhouse to rival Pixar and Blue Sky. The heartwarming story, endearing characters, and peerless style definitely make it one to look out for when it releases later this year. Read the Ninja blog for more updates on the upcoming Ninjai movie here.

That’s our list of action movies you might not have heard of or might have missed the first time around but definitely should not sleep on.