This webpage titled oikotimes.com began as a neighbourhood newspaper in 1985 which was hand made and handwritten. It was in the summer of 1985, during my vacations, along with my cousin we had the idea of making a newspaper. We had many titles in our head but we wanted something original. So oikotimes emerged out of Ecumenism (since we were referring to world news) and Times (from the time we spent on this project. The project became daily when a typewriter bought by my sister in April 1996. The good thing is that I still have the typewritten copies of the original oikotimes. Oikotimes was extremely funny to read in my neighborhood, and many copies were distributed. On November 1996 we bought a computer at home. It took me several c:/format and months to understand what that machine was all about!

During the army service, I completely lost track with my project. However at the end of 1999, after the army and knowing a lot more about computers, a printed edition of oikotimes was issued – it was easier for me but still somehow expensive since it required many pages and many copies on the printer… Meanwhile, in 1989 it was the year that Europrediction was issued created among friends and family during the Eurovision night. That was my dream since I first saw the Eurovision song contest in 1984 (late that year since Greece was not participating and ERT showed the contest somewhere in November). Due to a sudden death within the family, in 2001 I couldn’t hold the Europrediction among friends and family. Also, the printed edition of oikotimes had stopped. No money for repairing the printer or buy a new one. One morning I saw a magazine in the small kiosks we have here in Athens called “Periptera” and bought a computer related one, which inculded a special offer of 15 days of web connection.

And the idea came up to me very quickly. Europrediction will be launched on the web. And that was the case, in the next years oikotimes known under the URLs www.go.to/oikoland, www.oikotimes.us.tt, www.oikotimes.tk or the even better www.geocities.com/familyrepublic/index.htm continued covering the Eurovision news and the World headlines. It was not yet clear what that website would be all about. In August 2003 there were some Greek friends talking to me about the current situation of oikotimes proposing to make the website a completely eurovision one. We could offer the web speed and news, and this is what we did. Organizing oikotimes required money and this came out of an honest sponsorship without which oikotimes wouldn’t be possible today. In early 2004 oikotimes joined the family of .coms and also acquired a trademark status within the Greek Ministry of Development which applies for international purposes. But what is oikotimes all about? We are not a fan club, we are not trying to be the best in the web. We are some friends from Greece and around the world who want to have a webpage (without any restrictions among us) which will include news, rumours and many collaboration projects with other major or not websites. I am extremely happy and honoured to present you my team:

Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece)
Alenka Coroneri (Switzerland)
Ghassan Al Kaziri (United Arab Emirates)
Luka Popovic (Serbia)
Jaime Solloso (Spain)

Olivier Rocher (France)
Morten Kaiser (Denmark)
Norman Burdon (Canada)

David Pozo Navarro (Spain)
David Hate (Belgium)