6 Unique Ways to Honor a Loved One

Img Source - Death & Dying

Humans experience many emotional pushes and pulls when they lose someone that they love. Grief is one of the most difficult emotions to navigate, and it can lead you to some strange places as you step. At some point during your journey, there will be a moment when you wish to honor that loved one in a unique way. There are some ideas below to help you do just that. 

Plant a Tree

Did your loved one have a favorite spot where they enjoyed walking? Or, do you share a treasured location that you enjoyed together? Planting a tree here will keep your loved one’s memory alive for a long time says USDA. You can place a personalized plaque or stone in front of the site, and it is a general symbol of your relationship. 

Donate to Their Memory

Sometimes, when there is a particular cause of death such as cancer or Alzheimer’s, it can help to donate money in their honor to charitable organizations. It is a way of giving back, showing support for people going through something similar, and respecting your loved one’s journey. You could try a regular donation as a continued mark of respect or a one-off donation. 

Engraved Products

Engraved products come in all shapes and sizes. While the more traditional option is to opt for a piece of jewelry or similar, an engraved brick is far more sustainable for these purposes. It is far less likely to break and can be kept in place forever. The writing can read whatever you like, whether it is just their name or a loving message. It is a way to express a sentiment or leave their mark on the Earth. 

Jewelry Keepsakes

There are lots of methods to preserve your loved one’s memory with a piece of jewelry. Some people chose to have funeral ashes converted into a precious piece, or the flowers from the celebration of life funeral service transformed. 

Annual Celebration

Annual celebrations might be on their birthday, death date, or funeral day. It is a space to celebrate why you miss them and held them so close to your heart. It should be filled with the happy times while allowing and acknowledging lingering grief as well. It could even be a whole party where everyone’s family and friends come together with a mutual intention

Collaborative Memory Blog

If organizing a yearly party is outside of your skill remit, a memorable blog might be a better option. Set up a website and allow anyone who wants to post on the site. These posts are focussed on memories and key moments throughout the life of the loved one who has died and is a way for everyone to come together in their grief to begin healing collaboratively. You can lead the way by creating the first post, and there are no rules for how many times you can contribute! 


Finding sentimental channels is an essential part of healing. It is hard to move on from a severed bond, but loved ones stay with us if we let them in different capacities.