6 Tips to Get Better Results From Email Marketing

Depending on your source, the first email ever was sent around 1971 or 1978 by Ray Thomlinson, which represented the beginning of a modern method of communication even though at this time, the message was just a series of special characters that appeared like a password, but it still holds a major significance.

Today, millions of emails are being sent daily which might even appear spammy, but it’s hard to deny the impact of a well-developed email on your recipients in converting prospects into loyal customers and generating sales and revenue for your business, says save-emails-to-pdf.com, which provides a Chrome extension to save gmail to pdf.

Email marketing is a cost-effective method of connecting your brand with your audience and increasing sales. With email marketing, you can easily share news, promote your products and services, or tell a story. According to research carried out in 2015, email has an average return on investment (ROI) of $38. Considering that a 2017 study shows that 85% of grownup internet users in the US have an email, it has created a myriad of opportunities for email marketers which is why email marketing, based on a 2018 data is more effective than affiliate marketing, SEO, and social media.

When sending emails, it is important to structure your message according to your objectives and strategy. A few tips to get better results from your email marketing have been provided below:

6 Tips To Getting Better Results From Your Emails

1. Always Encourage a Response From Your Subscribers

Email marketing creates an opportunity to establish a meaningful relationship and conversation with individuals that are interested in your offers. However, it is important to concentrate on these three crucial elements.

Use an attractive subject line

Directly speak to your subscribers and make an outstanding offer. This can be achieved through personalization using automated solutions.

Make it entertaining 

Ensure that your email copy appears like it came from an individual, and not a robot as they can always delete your email as easily as they open it.

Targeted content

Segmenting your email lists based on the demographics of your subscribers will enable you to develop messages that would focus and resonate with the interests and needs of your subscribers.

The main purpose of these points is to trigger a response from your recipients. This will show your readers that you are more interested in communicating and establishing a relationship with them.

2. Make it Personal

Ensure that every aspect of your content has a personalized element. Many email software enables you to enter shortcodes that can be substituted with the name of the subscriber when sending an email campaign. The subject line and content can also be personalized with creative messages. Furthermore, you can segment your messages to certain areas of your audience. This can be effective for brands that deal with multiple industries or demographics to enable them to send out different versions of email that will enable each email to speak directly to every industry or consumer interest.

3. Always Provide Valuable Contents

Effective emails always involve providing your readers with something that will always keep your business on their mind and love to hear back from you. Regardless if you are focusing on educating your recipients about your industry, the operational structure of your business, or promotional messages about the products or services you offer. If it does not provide value, don’t send it, else your messages will only end up in the junk folder

4. Ensure That Your Email Appears Clean and Mobile-Friendly

Although this might appear a bit obvious but some marketers still send out emails that appear like old websites. Apart from using appealing headlines to compel your readers to open your email, it is also imperative that you keep their interest by using short paragraphs and keywords that are relevant to your reader’s interest and include bullet points that can help them easily skim through your content. Also, keep in mind that 66% of users open their email on a smartphone which is why optimizing your email for viewing on mobile devices can prevent you from missing out on a huge number of opens.

5. Testing, Testing, Testing

Ensure that you have performed proper testing before sending any email. Double-check that the email you are about to send appears the way you want. You can use email platforms like Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail to confirm that your email appears well before concluding your drafts.

Ensure that all the links, personalization shortcodes, and call to action buttons are properly working. Launching an email campaign without double-checking important areas and the entire content can make you appear unprofessional when things go wrong.

Apart from testing the appearance of your email copy on different platforms, you should also test elements like subject lines, call to action, and content to see what engages your audience the most. A/B testing functionality is available in a couple of email tools which enables you to evaluate the results from multiple versions of your email. You can also evaluate response rates by sending emails on different weekdays.

6. Track Your Results

Few results might not relate to your email content or platform. It is important to verify email addresses, track and measure your email marketing results over a period in order to iterate and optimize your email campaigns. Tracking the appropriate metric can help you understand the strategies that are working for your business and tactics that should be re-evaluated. Important metrics to track are deliverability, open rates, click-through rates, engagement rates, and so on. This information can be used to develop tailor made messages that will resonate with the needs of your readers.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best results from your email marketing outreach requires a combination of proper planning, strategy, and data evaluation in order to make adequate improvements and optimization of your email marketing campaigns.