6 Strategies to Try to Win

Do you want to play and win at blackjack? While there is no guarantee you will win every time, following the right strategies and methods can help you play your cards right, and increase the probability of winning.

Keep these 6 key strategies in mind if you want to win at blackjack…

1. Stick to the Basic Blackjack Strategy

Learn the basic blackjack strategy and then use it to win, according to ufabet. There are basic strategy cards/charts that have everything like when to hit, split, or stand written on them. If you are using strategy cards, it does not mean you will always win. It means that your odds of winning will be higher. They will tell you which decision to make when you have a certain pair of cards. Should you split cards when you have 8’s? Study and remember the chart to find out.

If you are a beginner, you will find it hard to use these charts in different game scenarios. But regular practice can help you learn the chart fast. You can get these charts from the internet or buy pocket charts that several casinos allow.

2. Find the Right Casino and Table

Do your research before you select a casino to play blackjack. Find a casino and a table where there is minimum risk. Some casinos offer free blackjack games during off-peak periods. If you are a beginner, it is best to start with free games.

Different casinos have different rules regarding these games. You should also learn these rules before you select a casino. Do not choose games that make it difficult to win in the long term.

3. Split your Aces

Always split aces because your bet is on getting a 10 (see here). You should also split 8’s. Some people may consider it a bad move, but it is a great way of earning a neat profit.

4. Never Split a Pair of 5’s

You should avoid splitting a pair of 5’s, according to Wikihow. Instead, play it like you play 10. While playing a pair of 5’s, you have a chance of getting another 5, resulting in a 15. You can also get a 10 and make a total 20.

5. Raise or Lower your Bet Strategically

If you are winning continuously, you should raise your bet to increase your profits. In contrast, when you are losing, it is better to lower your bet. When the wins are non-consistent, do not change your bet.

Do not get stuck in a game and play for too long. It increases your chances of spending more than you can afford. Choose a set amount to spend, and then walk away with your earned money after spending the entire set amount.

6. Keep an Eye on Reward Programs

Some casinos offer reward programs. They are not only for those who win, but are also given to players based on how much they bet and how long they play. Check these reward programs and sign up for them to get extra money.