6 Great Choices for Real Estate Investment in Belize

Img Source - Viva Tropical

Your property investments can set you up for future success and a comfortable retirement. The country of Belize is full of gorgeous locales that have great potential for property investors. Here are the six best places in Belize to invest your money.

  1. Ambergris Caye

This beautiful island is constantly ranked as one of the best places to buy property and settle down. It is rife with breathtaking beaches and offers a large variety of water-based experiences, like scuba diving down the impressive reef. Ambergris Caye also has some of the best dining spots in the country, according to Forbes. Called Isla Bonita, this lovely part of Belize is a superb place to buy a condo and invest for the future.

  1. Caye Caulker

On the south end of Ambergris Caye is the island of Caye Caulker. It is home to a booming tourist trade and offers many water sports and exotic nightlife. This is where the youth of Belize flock to for parties and adventure. Its lovely beaches and the relaxed atmosphere make it prime investment real estate.

  1. Placencia

Tourists are drawn to Placencia for its quiet and solitude. The expansive area brings in new residents easily thanks to its miles of beaches and growing development. There is a burgeoning housing market in Belize that is quite obvious in Placencia, as the slower pace of this area makes it an ideal retirement and relaxation spot for many.

  1. Punta Gorda

The diverse residents of Punta Gorda (also called PG) enjoy the lovely Bay of Honduras and the multitude of sun and sea activities the area has to offer. The residential property market here is still competitively priced and entirely reasonable, and there are some economical rental rates on properties throughout Punta Gorda, making it worth a look for those in the investment market.

  1. Corozal Town

You could buy Belize property in the small Corozal Town. It sits on the border between Mexico and Belize and is a popular location for expats to visit and settle down in. There is tons of shopping and a lively nightlife there, all of which is nestled within a mixture of condos, historic homes, and modern architecture. Nearby are the relaxing beaches of Corozal Bay.

  1. Cayo District

For something a bit different, you could check out the Cayo District, which is where the Belize capital is as well as a variety of environments. In Cayo District, you will find rainforest, jungles, and even Mayan historical sites. The prices tend to be lower as you go further inland, and this district has plenty of inland space ripe for investment. The cost of basic amenities are very reasonable here and are worth a look for interested investors.