5 Ways to Wear Crewneck T-Shirts and Look Awesome

Crewneck t-shirts are one of those men’s wardrobe staples that you can’t even imagine not having at least a few in your daily rotation. 

Classic (just think about James Dean!), comfortable and versatile crewnecks are the ultimate fashion workhorse and a gift that keeps on giving. 

And while you might have such outfits as tee and jeans working for you already, there are so many other combinations that are just as great. 

Here are 5 ways to wear crewneck t-shirts and look awesome.

With Monochrome Everything

Sometimes you really want to wear everything in blue, black or white, and that’s perfectly fine! But make sure you do it well. 

The first thing to remember is to choose different shades for each item. 

The second one is colour breaking. To avoid looking like an extra in an amateur dance production or someone wearing a uniform, you should break the colour blocks with something neutral. 

Here’s where a classic crewneck t-shirt really shines. Decide on the shades of your base layers such as trousers and blazer, and then simply add a white, black or grey tee to create a wholesome and stylish look.

With a Smart-Casual Outfit 

One of the best ways for guys to look put-together, relaxed and confident is to opt for smart-casual outfits whenever possible. 

However, sometimes it can get challenging to nail the look, especially when fashion doubts start creeping in. One of the most common questions about this dress code is whether t-shirts are appropriate. The answer is a resounding yes. 

And we have a winning formula that you can never go wrong with. Navy or olive chinos, khaki or grey blazer, Chelsea or brogue boots and a crisp white crewneck t-shirt. You’re welcome.

With Denim and a Jumper

For after work or during the weekends, the most comfortable outfit is the time-honoured classic of jeans, a jumper and a crewneck t-shirt. 

You can always opt for a cotton hoodie, or if you feel you need to class things up – wear a nice knit. 

This look works well for having a beer with the guys or lunch with your girlfriend, going to a ball game or just exploring your city on a summer night. 

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With a Leather Jacket and Loafers or Mocassins

Yes, this look is just bursting with posh bad-boy vibes, and we’re so there for it. 

Leather jacket and loafers or mocassins are just next level, and paired with a gorgeous black or white crewneck t-shirt (only the best quality, remember?), you’re so dandy and ready to paint the town. 

We love this outfit for nights out, but it will work perfectly for a date too. 

What’s the difference between loafers and mocassins, you ask? Loafers don’t have any laces, while moccasins are the ones that do. However, the laces on moccasins are generally purely decorative and don’t have a tying function.  

If you’re leaning towards mocassins, make sure the laces are not too overpowering, as they could class with your leather jacket.

With Dress Pants or Slacks 

A t-shirt and dress pants outfit can easily look too trendy depending on the fit. If everything is too tight and fitted, you’ll look like you’re chasing trends a little too much. 

So you have two choices here, either fully commit or opt for a slighter, looser fit. 

If you think that it’s going to be challenging to pull this look off, pair your crewneck t-shirt with slacks, the less formal, untailored men’s trousers.