3 Things to Know Before Printing on Metal

metal prints

Metal prints are high-definition art pieces that are made up from aluminum sheets. They make the image colors pop, which gives them a realistic look. Metal prints are very durable compared to other forms of prints that use less durable printing mediums.

If you are planning to buy metal prints to upgrade your room décor, here are the three important things that you should know before investing in them.

Price of Metal Prints

The cost of metal prints is high compared to the many other forms of print. But the end result of the print makes it worth investing. You will not regret buying a metal print, as they are long-lasting and make the image look very realistic. You should know that metal prints do not need frames, or matte finishing, because they are sufficient on their own. You do not have to invest in a frame to make them look better, because frames will not really make a real difference to the metal print’s appearance.

Compare the Print Quality

Another thing you should keep in mind is to check the quality of the metal prints from different companies before choosing one for your own prints. You can visit websites of the printing companies, check reviews of their previous clients, whilst also analyzing their work samples. After doing this research, choose at least two to three companies and buy a small-sized metal print from each of them. Check the print color to see how close it is to the original image. Then, check print finishing and durability before selecting a company for printing your favorite photographs.

Buy from a Company that Produces Quality Prints

Remember that not all prints are created equally. Their quality and durability depend on the printing company you choose. Some may offer you prints at very cheap rates. But keep in mind that quality comes with a price. Therefore, either test the print first, or choose a company that is offering prints at a reasonable price. The things you should check in the metal print include the color quality (is it dull or realistic compared to the original image?), edges of the print (are they sharp or rounded?), and durability (is the aluminum sheet too thin?).

Why Buy Metal Prints from Portrilux?

Portrilux is a California-based metal printing company. It has been providing high-quality prints to many clients including families, photographers, and newlywed couples. At Portrilux, advanced technologies are used to create realistic prints on coated aluminum sheets. They infuse the image into the surface instead of infusing it on the surface. As a result, long-lasting and durable prints are produced.

A range of print sizes are available, and you can even order a custom size. Their metal prints have a UV-protective layer, which provides the prints with extra protection against humidity and dust. The corners of the sharp metal surface are rounded to give a safer and resilient finis. Portrilux metal prints are sold at factory prices, not the retail prices, which also make them quite economical. Check them out, and you will not be disappointed!