The latest Eurovision news in brief

NORWAY – Jan Fredrik Karlsen stepped down as General of MGP after two years on the wheel. Jan Fredrik Karlsen is replaced by Stig Karlsen. The reason for the resignation was work commitments despite the good top ten result for Norway this year. On the other hand Stig Karlsen explains that 2018 MGP edition will include an international jury again and will try to motivate the best of authors in Norway to bring their best songs to MGP.

SAN MARINO – SMRTV Director General Carlo Romeo is once again disappointed not only by the result of his country’s participation again in Eurovision (we are surprised why) and also by how EBU is treating San Marino in Eurovision. Once again Mr Romeo leaves open door for his country to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest next year.

ICELAND – Happy news from Iceland as 97.5% watched the semi final in which Svala proudly participated and represented the island of ice. From the available data on the web here are the TV rates in various countries:
3,8 million in Italy
6,7 million in United Kingdom
0,9 million in Austria
4,7 million in France
4,1 million in The Netherlands
3.0 million in Australia (live and recorded broadcast)
0,1 million in Czech Republic (140,000 to be precise)
4,6 million in Spain
1,3 million in Norway
0,7 million in Croatia
2,9 million in Sweden
2,7 million in Poland
0,4 million in Estonia
0,2 million in Cyprus
0,8 million in Hungary
0,2 million in Slovenia
0,3 million in Switzerland
0,5 million in Finland
0,2 million in Iceland (153,000 in the final and 163,000 in semi final)
1,2 million in Denmark
0,6 million in Romania
1,4 million in Portugal (with a peak of 2,4 million when Salvador won)

NORWAY – Alexander Rybak stated that he has been offered a big amount of money to represent Belarus in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest but speaking to Norwegian press, he clarified that he would love to represent Norway instead.

FRANCE – New selection process with many semi finals is prepared in France. Mission Eurovision will be introduced for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Despite France’s decent result, it seems that French broadcaster is eager to bring some extra attention inland with a multi marathon national selection.

UKRAINE – A Ukrainian prankster told a court on Monday (May 15) that he didn’t regret mooning the audience during the live broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest final in Kiev. Vitaliy Sediuk, 28, jumped onto the stage with an Australian flag wrapped around his shoulders, dropped his trousers and wiggled his bare bottom at the audience during last Saturday night’s (May 13) performance by last year’s winner of the contest, Ukrainian singer Jamala. “I don’t regret it,” said Sediuk, who has been known to ambush celebrities. “I don’t have anything against Eurovision. This time I just wanted to do something that would be remembered.” The Kiev court on Monday ordered the confiscation of Sediuk’s travel documents and imposed restrictions on his movements as an investigation into the incident continues. A security guard tackled Sediuk off the stage in last Saturday night’s incident, and the prankster later resisted arrest by police and was placed in detention for 72 hours, interior minister Arsen Avakov said on Sunday (May 14). Avakov said Sediuk’s offence fell under legislation against hooliganism, which in Ukraine can carry up to five years in prison. “The country’s embarrassment can practice his ‘hobby’ in a prison cell at a temporary detention centre,” Avakov wrote on Sunday on his Facebook page. The contest’s organising committee in Ukraine slammed Sediuk’s behaviour as “inadmissible” and assured that the “highest level of security” had been observed during the final. “We are outraged and in no way support such provocations”, Pavlo Grytsak, the executive producer of this year’s contest, said in a statement. “The offender should be held responsible for what he did.” In September, Sediuk tried to kiss the bottom of US reality TV star Kim Kardashian as she was walking into a Paris restaurant. Her bodyguard pinned him to the ground before he managed to do so.

FINLAND – During a recent interview with MariskalRock, Mr. Lordi stated about LORDI’s connection to Eurovision: “There was a time a couple of years ago — well, more than a couple — when I really, really, really hated that everybody’s always asking about the goddamn Eurovision; there was a time. Nowadays I have come to terms with it. It’s, like, okay, I’m actually proud that we are part of Eurovision history and I am proud that Eurovision is part of this band’s history. I mean, it is a big part of our awareness. Because the awareness of the band would be so different, it would be so much smaller, without that one TV show ten years ago.” He continued: “I absolutely don’t regret that — absolutely not. Because I have nothing bad to say about Eurovision itself, but the problem that we have had in the years is the people who actually don’t know anything else except for the fact that we were on Eurovision. And that is a big stamp to get out of — it’s like a fucking tattoo, you have a fucking tattoo on your forehead that says ‘Eurovision.’ And that is something that really, really, really drove me nuts some years ago; I was really struggling with that. “I have come to terms with it — it’s all right; I mean, it’s cool,” he said. “I am proud of it. And every May, when there’s a new Eurovision, I know that my phone will start ringing and people will ask my opinions and then we get requests: ‘Do you wanna come to this country’s semifinals? Do you wanna come here?’ And for years we said, ‘No, we don’t wanna. We don’t want to.’ But now, we’re, like, ‘Fuck it! Let’s do it. What the hell?’ I mean, c’mon, it’s all fun, and it’s part of our history, and the Eurovision, they really want us to come there, because, let’s face it, we are one of those winners that people still remember.”



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