Alex Florea criticises Salvador Sobral

photo: Anders Putting / EBU /

ROMANIA – Salvador Sobral was praised by many music critics and Eurovision fans for avoiding the use of his health problems to win the Eurovision Song Contest. Though many were surprised when Portuguese triumphant spoke about other countries’ songs labelling them as “fast food” songs. Besides Robin from Sweden and Isaiah from Australia, Alex Flores from Romania accuses Salvador for using cheap theatrics to win the Eurovision Song Contest.

In fact he said: They used marketing to win, as happens in our talent shows as well. His backstory worked and the public ate it up. But from my point of view, Salvador doesn’t have heart problems, but head issues. Everybody thought that Italy would win, but there was a big fuss in Kyiv about [Salvador Sobral] because he was mysterious, he didn’t give interviews, he didn’t take photos and he wouldn’t show up for rehearsals. The Bulgarian representative could also have used his story, as he doesn’t see well, but he didn’t. The Portuguese played a role, that’s what I felt. I saw him on many occasions and I didn’t believe he had [health] problems. On the other hand, his song is excellent and it’s been a while since something like this has been written. But I am annoyed by the cheap theatrics, that’s why I’m so cynical. A lot of people have problems. But don’t use this to win. If you want to win, use what you do professionally, your voice, your show. That’s winning! I’ve had problems myself in talent shows, but I’ve never resorted to cheap deceitful tactics in order to win.

Ilinca though was more polite and diplomatic: I would have seen Armenia’s representative higher [on the scoreboard]. Girl has a perfect voice! I also loved Moldova! Congratulations, guys! A superb show! But also Bulgaria were amazing! I am happy with Portugal. What Salvador did could be considered art, so congratulations for succeeding! Croatia’s act was also very good.

Alex surely could have spoken earlier about this and somehow it feels that the accusation is not true as Salvador although not explicit on the issue, spoke about his health condition explaining that it was his doctors’ order not to attend the first week of rehearsals. Probably it’s an unfortunate moment for Alex who could have check how the story goes but have in mind that he and Ilinca were busy preparing and promoting their entry throughout the Eurovision weeks.


1 Comment on Alex Florea criticises Salvador Sobral

  1. >>accuses Salvador for using cheap theatrics…
    And he’s doing it sitting on a cannon.


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