Samantha Mumba interested to represent Ireland in 2018

IRELAND – Samantha Mumba has offered to represent Ireland in the Eurovision next year. It’s been a tough few years for Ireland in the Eurovision. We go into it each year with so much hope, only to get knocked back again. After failing to qualify for the fourth year in a row, there has been much plotting and scheming on how to restore Ireland to Eurovision glory – and there may just be an answer.

In a piece for The Irish Times, writer Jenn Gannon reflected on Ireland’s current place in the Eurovision, and suggested that maybe it’s time to hand over the reins to a more capable pair of hands. Someone who knows the pop game. Someone who can recognise an actual tune when they see one. Someone like… Samantha Mumba.

The intro to Body 2 Body just started playing in your head, didn’t it? As it happens, we are in luck, because Samantha Mumba herself agrees.

Samantha Mumba is an Irish singer and actress. She shot to fame in 2000 with the release of her debut single “Gotta Tell You”, which reached the Top 10 in Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States. After a relatively short music career, she starred in numerous films, most notably in the 2002 film The Time Machine. She has also appeared in a number of Irish independent films. She returned to public attention when she appeared in the 2008 series of Dancing on Ice. In 2011 Mumba confirmed her retirement from music and to focus mainly on her acting career. However, in 2013, Mumba revealed via Twitter that she was back in the studio working on new material. In early 2017, she participated in a Celebrity Version of MasterChef Ireland and went on to fill in as co-host on The 6 O’Clock Show, while Lucy Kennedy took maternity leave.


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  1. I’ve never heard of Samantha Mumba. 🙁


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