Ruslana releases brand new single and video because ‘It’s Magical’

UKRAINE – Single “It’s magical“ is the first Ruslana’s appearance on stage after a long break. This break is caused by dramatic events in Ukraine, which are connected with Ruslana’s life. According to the singer, her new single is much more powerful than her winning “Wild dances”, as it is more emotional and exotic. Without exaggeration, interpreting and creation of the song took more than 12 years, which have passed since her victory in the Eurovision 2004.

This is something that people don’t expect from Ruslana, because she doesn’t expect this from herself either. The authors dared to create an original musical genre, bringing together tender lullaby melodies and exotic rhythms and tunes. This is a progressive sound of 2017. Ruslana found her original singing manner of the song during expeditions in the Carpathian mountains, which are a unique place and which have been the inspiration for the singer for many years. The most important message, which Ruslana wants to deliver to the world is: “Love is unbreakable, strong and unshakable. Love has a pure vibration. It’s magical.” She also has a message for her own country: “Don’t give up hope! Open your soul! I will give you all my power because I love you.”

The filming took place in a unique place – Bazaltovyi career (Rivne region, Bazaltove village). There are only 4 such places in the world. This place was chosen deliberately because it looks similar to the most mystic place in the Carpathians – Shpytsi, where Ruslana got into a storm. While being in the storm cloud she felt that there is a special force that helps one to be brave and survive the hardest times. Oles’ Sanin (one of the most famous Ukrainian film-makers; director of the film “The Guide”, which was nominated for Oskar) reproduced the storm according to the real story in this video.

Ruslana’s outfit, the chain armor, in the video is not accidental either. On producer’s opinion, it best represents her inner world. After the events in Ukraine and extreme expeditions in the mountains, Ruslana feels as a warrior, who’s aim is to protect the most essential – LOVE.

An essential thing in Ruslana’s performance is the fact that she wants to attract people’s attention to a global problem of the civilization, an ecological drama, which is happening right now – deforestation of the Carpathian regions, which are a natural foundation of our ancient culture. Ruslana’s aim is to preserve Carpathian forests, to preserve our unique nature and culture.All of these things are connected and go centuries back in time.

“My song and my performance are necessary for me and my land in order to deliver the messages about us to Europe and to the world ” – says Ruslana



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