Konstantin Meladze and Jamala discuss the failure of O.Torvald

photo: Michael Flyvholm Thygesen / /

Ukrainian singer Jamala responded to accusations of composer Konstantin Meladze, claiming that the jury of the national selection for Eurovision to blame for the fact that the representative of the Ukrainian group O. Torvald – received 24th place.

The singer said she has nothing to apologize for, as not only the jury decided about the winner, but viewers ‘ votes were taken into account. “I absolutely do not agree that the jury of the national selection needs to apologize for his choice, and personally I would not going to apologize. The collective score from the jury coincided with the point that O. Torvald has received the results of the audience voting, that is, the jury and the audience voted for this party together,” said Jamala.

“Eurovision is a contest, there are no guarantees, the results are unpredictable. All predicted victory artist from Italy, and was won by the Portuguese. O. Torvald were worthy of the competition, they were the only rock band, and, in particular, differed from all other participants. I congratulate Yevhen Halych and the guys from O. Torvald with a great performance!” – said the star.

Konstantin Meladze, also commented the results. He expressed his opinion about the performance of the representatives from the Ukraine, who took 24th place (1st place went to Salvador Sobral).

Previously Konstantin Meladze gave an interview about the national selection, and now expressed his outrage with the performance of O. Torvald, especially since he was one of the jury of the national selection. Their position and even an apology Konstantin Meladze announced in the program “Nabahani Verbazende” on the STB channel, where I tried to explain why Ukraine has found itself at such a low position.

“We avoid, I think the main theme. You called the speech Italy’s failure. But I think the real failure is, of course, the performance of the participant. For such a singing of the country in which a large number of outstanding musicians, 24 place – it’s a shame. But in this shame, of course, is the fault of the people. And to blame only the jury, which was me. Failed to agree on any single candidate. I voted for TAYANNA, and to this day believe that she would have acted in the best way. Andrew voted for MELOVIN. Jamala voted for O. Torvald. Voted we are all out of sync. And were surprised how suddenly got this man on “the Eurovision”. All at once it became clear that it would fail. It’s not the genre that can claim at least getting into the top twenty.

In the program Konstantin Meladze told why rockers O. Torvald voted Jamala, and in General, why the group took only the 24th place. “She just liked it and voted. Without taking into account the prospects for the Eurovision song contest. And I think that we need to think several steps ahead. I think you need either to change the scheme of selection, either strictly need to change the jury. Maybe don’t need to put celebrities who are primarily thinking about their own reputations and so on, and you need to put those people who will really assess the readiness of the person, genre to participate in “Eurovision”. So I would like to apologize for such a deplorable statement and in such a shameful result of our participation. And again I say – the fault for this lies solely on the members of the jury, which failed in its task and does not chose the strongest person to participate in the “Eurovision”



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