Robin Bengtsson criticises Salvador’s winning speech

photo: Farouk Vallette / /

SWEDEN – The 2017 Swedish representative, Robin Bengtsson, posted a not so nice statement over the winner’s winning speech, sparkling controversy all over the web. He called the speech bellow the level of a true winner. The comment was flagged positively by Australia’s Isaiah Firebrace. Though a lot of fans support the comment made by Robin. Maybe Robin is right but maybe it wasn’t the right time to say it.

“Congrats on your victory, I really like your song and the way you sing it, but I think your speech after winning the ESC was below the level of a true winner. “Fast food” pop music can be the best thing in the world at the right place and time, so can a song beautiful as yours. There is room for everyone. To all my new friends from all over Europe, hope to see you again soon. Had a blast and the experience of a lifetime”



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