RTP Director General tracks back on earlier comments

PORTUGAL – Today RTP Director General, Nuno Artur Silva has tracked back on earlier comments that Lisbon would be the host city for Eurovision 2018, claiming that no decision has yet been taken.

The comments come on the back of criticism nationally that seemed to ignore the rest of Portugal and RTP have now stated that they will look at the entire map before making an ultimate decision. There is the possibility that the host city will be chosen by public tender or a vote, as has happened in recent years but the focus from RTP is to keep costs to a minimum where possible.

The favourite host city still remains Lisbon, although the cities Faro, Feira and Guimarães have expressed an interest in hosting Eurovision. Porto, the second biggest city has not shown any interest to date in hosting but there are few venues that could host the expected capacity for the event or the accomodation requirements.

The MEO Arena in Lisbon appears to be the favourite host venue but if costs prove a problem there may be the possibility of an alternative pop-up venue or football stadium, with a temporary roof, being used to host.

EBU will be looking to avoid the issues which plagued Ukraine this year, especially with delays in building and choice of venue however having hosted recent international events, Portugal has a slightly better infrastructure system in place to avoid similar difficulties.



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