Brief updates from the world of Eurovision

photo: Victor Cruz Lafuente /

GERMANY – ARD Head of Entertainment, Mr Thomas Schreiber, clarified that despite criticism, Germany is not withdrawing from the Eurovision Song Contest. Germany pays 380,000 Euros for 7 hours of broadcast. It is a reality though that since the 8th position of Roman Lob in 2008, Germany is plundered in the competition. It is no secret that only 7,76 million Germans watched the final falling by 1.57 million. Levina on the other side, states that she is disappointed and didn’t expect the result but considers Eurovision as a great experience.

AUSTRALIA – Australian Head of Delegation is awaiting the official invitation by the EBU, so his country will be eligible to participate in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Among the long term plans, is for Australia to hold a national selection with big names just like Melodifestivalen. But it took too many years for Sweden to make it happen and it sounds already an ambitious plan.

CZECH REPUBLIC – National broadcaster seems to confirm its participation in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest despite the bad results for Martina Barca and the low TV rates. After all the national broadcaster sees Eurovision as an opportunity to build something new in the local music industry. But still the numbers remain disappointing: 145,000 watched the first semi final, 101,000 the second and less than 200,000 the grand final.



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