Do pobachennya Kyiv, Olá Lisboa


UKRAINE – One more exciting year ended for coverage on the spot. It is 21 years since oikotimes launched and 16 years after we turned online and according to the numbers from the Kyiv Eurovision coverage we are more than excited. More than 1,2 million followed our website form April 30th to May 15th. More than 8,000 followers added on our Instagram account. More than 11,000 liked our Facebook fan page and more than 446,000 views of our 229 self-produced videos on YouTube.

It’s not all about numbers. It’s mostly the team. The core team and the extra help we managed to have on the spot really saved the day. The focus was more on multimedia instead of plain texting the event. The one-off collaboration with an Australian colleague proved to be key factor to our interview section but above all friends of like Julia and Yana will always remain in our hearts for their amazing support through the two weeks venture in Kyiv. It was a special year for our newbie, Anastasis who finally made his dream come true.

It was also a great edition as celebrated its anniversary at the Euroclub along with Poland, Romania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, host country Ukraine and Malta. It was an amazing night with DJ Farouk on stage and extremely big coverage in the Ukrainian media.

It was not a content you could find anywhere else. Personalised interviews with funny moments all over the arena, the euroclub and Kyiv. Full of Instagram updates, editorial and opinionated perception of the event along with lots of exclusives such as the May 12th Jamala concert made oikotimes differ more than any other year.

It was a great TV show, with amazing production and in the monitors you feel that it was an upgraded show despite the similarities with Stockholm (such as the participants parade and the song presentation graphics). But in terms of logistics it surely wasn’t the best as there were a lot of things the press wanted not to mention at least a free cup of coffee just like the previous years. in terms of a TV show UA:PBC had a very good success. In terms of logistics, Ukraine failed. Why? because 12 years ago, they organised a fabulous and far more luxurious contest. Euroclub was of Course above average and in good standards, Eurovillage was almost perfect but all over the city and the Eurovision related premises, the security check could simply exhaust you.

It was a fair winner: Portugal topped both jury and public voting. A good song for Eurovision? Will it make history? Who knows. The important thing is that (just like Mr Jon Ola Sand said) finally music prevailed to technology. Expensive props, choreographies by allegedly “super duper stage directors” and fancy promotion ended with the victory of Portugal. Will Portugal make something greater than Kyiv? I am 1000% sure that the nation is already too pride to let it go. It will be a historic moment for the country, for Europe, for Eurovision itself. 2018 Eurovision will be the best ever and somehow I know I can trust the Portuguese. They were waiting for it for decades, therefore they have to be totally perfect, generous and hospitable.

Special thanks to my team: Olivier, Fred, our newbie Anastasis and our guest for this year Kyriakos. I am also grateful to get some help from David, Geoff, Darren, Farouk, Fabrice, Michael and Mette. A special “get well” to our Spanish boy, Victor who had to leave in the middle of the project due to serious health problem. Special thanks to our for-ever friends: Julia, Yana, Konstantin, Ricardo for their amazing support all over the two weeks. Special thanks to those who couldn’t make it: Jaime, Luka, Morten and all those who supported us back home. Special thanks for the support and the understanding by my community families at MAD TV and Impact Hub Athens.


See you all in 2018!



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