Eurovision 2017: analysis of the results


UKRAINE – The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is over and both juries and audience fairly declared Portugal as the winner. This is the end of massive waste of money into efforts and a turn to pure music as Jon Ola Sand pointed also in the winners’ press conference. But let’s have a look at the semi finals and the final and see what happened really with the results.

It is clear that in the first semi final as well in the grand final Portugal topped the votes of both juries and televoting. Finland would have been in the final is the juries didn’t plunder the entry which was one of the best this year. The juries clearly supported and boosted Australia to the final something which would never happen if only televoting applied. Czech Republic was also the jury favourite but lost the ticket to the final due to televoting.

In the second semi final Austria and Denmark clearly boosted by the juries and personally I don’t understand why the audience disliked those two entries and didn’t vote for them. Bulgaria topped the votes in both jury and public voting and San Marino really got what they deserved both by the jury and public voting. Malta was indeed the juries sweetheart but didn’t appeal to the audience at all. It is clear that the juries didn’t want to Yodel it as they plundered Romania in the voting, thankfully saved by the audience. Estonia, a song that we all loved in the press area, would have been to the final if the juries didn’t vote for it as 17th.

It is clear that Portugal prevailed because music always prevails. Eurovision is all about music, good music and classy sounds. Italy, plundered by the juries, is obviously saying they don’t want to win Eurovision. It was the top favourite and it destroyed. This tells me that in Eurovision, ignore bookies, polls and odds: ANYTHING can happen. Bulgaria got also what it deserved, the second place with a great performer and song. Good news for all of us supporting transparency in the Eurovision world with Spain topping the bottom of the scoreboard: LESSONS to be taught. Ukraine would never would have done well anyway, not only because of the song (which was not bad actually) but because of the mediocre organization: no one wants to return to Kyiv for Eurovision! Finally France entered the top ten by the viewers. Actually all entries in their national language (Hungary, Belarus, Italy, Portugal, France) proved to all of us that English is not a pre-requisite. Bad news for Greece: bad vocals and no coherence in the expensive and professionally cared presentation cost them big time. Germany also plundered despite having a great singer (as personality) but it was obvious (and we reported on that) that songs that reminds us an already released tune do not do well in Eurovision (exception Sweden 2015). The same thing happened with Belgium, which lost the victory although one of the dark horses but ended up 4th, a good record for the country to bring better and original songs to Eurovision. Australia got a decent placing although it’s clear that Europeans had enough with the Aussies (personally I disagree). Surprises for me where The Netherlands and Croatia. Two very indifferent songs made it to good positions in the grand final. Cyprus and Greece exchanged 12 points, well they better now share the sadness of their failed rankings too. Cyprus was a copycat of Sergey Lazarev’s presentation and unless this island wakes up and take Eurovision seriously, they will see the bottom in Eurovision every year. Good news for the United Kingdom. OK they didn’t raked well but they received points from tele voting and jury, something rare in the recent years. Lucie was amazing.

Once again though we had a Stockholm copycat show. Same intro, same parade of nations idea and graphics, no innovation, no inspiration, nothing. Eurovision and its logistics must immediately change. The show was simply boring. Besides Onuka, having such an extended interval with Ruslana (again and again and again) and Jamala (for whom nobody really cares) was too much. There were moments when I prayed for Sweden to win again so we can at least see new things in Eurovision 2018. But we have a well deserved winner. GOOD music and a man who despite his health problem stand out for his country, deserve the biggest of applauses and lots of CONGRATULATIONS

Obrigado, Portugal for the music!


5 Comments on Eurovision 2017: analysis of the results

  1. Maybe she is amazing as a person, but the song is anything but amazing…

  2. Demy was great, but the backing singers were out of tune. Mistake.

  3. I do like “Is This love” as a song but live it was really underwhelming.

  4. Finland 2006 – “classy sounds”…
    Portugal 2017 – boring

  5. How could you be negative about the Greek entry? Demy was AMAZING! 🙁


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